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  1. Hope this never spreads in INDIA. Western countries are a gone case already. Giving this much importance for a fraction of population it's just liberals and some pedophiles pushing their agenda. Next step is legalizing pedophilia. When god and nuclear families die alternate religions and causes pop up.
  2. Great it is helping women. My only problem with this is What about poor male students and working men?
  3. Nenu Us account using in US. So naaku kanipinchatledu.
  4. Theme song inka Spotify lo pettaleda? I don't see it.
  5. I don't understand this jury system. Some of the counties in the USA are completely liberals aka democrats they will be biased towards blacks against whites. How can we make sure criminals get behind bars,
  6. Naaku spotify lo dorakatledu song. Asalu release ye cheyaleda spotify lo?
  7. Good number of views for a negative documentry
  8. Jai Nandamuri-Jai nara

  9. badshah fever emo kani..naaku nijangane fever vachesindi!

  10. jai ballaya............

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