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  1. What if whatsoever it is if it is whatever it is??

  2. if tdp & bjp's alliance is confirmed ,then tdp leaders no need to come out of their homes from may 16th onwards...can stay home for another 5 yrs :(

    1. TarakMokshu99



      2009 Mahandu effect marchipoyara


    2. Frankenstein
    3. sumanth ntr

      sumanth ntr

      nee fgbdhffdhcbvhxbhsdfsddf raa franky gaa

  3. if eating ice cream when it is raining is romantic..!! then eating panipuri in summer afternoons is quite equally romantic !!!

    1. Bullet


      Go & watch ice cream video and then eat ice cream

    2. sumanth ntr

      sumanth ntr

      thu jeevitham gurthu sesava malliii :(

  4. i don't give a damn about who is gonna be P.M i will vote for TDP for both M.L.A & M.P seats

  5. thnx to kalyanram anna for introducing kajal

  6. it is not CBN who had failed it is the A.P people who failed by electing congress for two times... TDP is born for the safety of telugu ppl

  7. CONGRESS ,YSRCP, TRS ,..all parties one and only single agenda.. ""chandrababu should not come into power" :D

  8. na gunde kosthe balayyaaa...jai balayyaaa..jai jai balayyaaa...

  9. ramayya vasthavayya is a feast for this festive season.....out and out masssss entertainer

  10. i want kaju darlng to act with ntr in each and every movie of ntr

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