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  1. 2 hours ago, sonykongara said:

    image.jpeg.3b9162090d06fcd43b91f58bb0e2d8a9.jpegPanuganti Chaitanya #Official - YouTube

    Panuganti Chaitanya ..... Appireddy follower

    Apatlone close circles chepadu .... "mem chesina arachakalaki repu govt marithe mamamalni sava ******tharu ani" 

    Mostly underground aipoy untar batch antha....


    nathi pakodi avinash gadini muthi meeda tannanli. neethi jathi leni na dash gadu 

  2. Fantastic work bro. Keep up the Telugu Pride and all the very best for your future projects.

    Can u share a leak .... Who shall play KALKI in the next series 

    And just felt 1 Addition if i may suggest. Movie starting lo complex and shambala, after what incident or natural disater kasi became the last city and why ganga dried up etc and who are the people staying in Complex like whats their eligibility criteria to be there anedi simple ga voice over lo intro laga cheppi unte inka baundedi. Just a thought 

  3. Manaki enduku andi TG. Why unecessary ? Malli akada BJP ki lift ivali which will not be really welcomed by RR and infact BRS will again say Guru sishya Sketching .... andhra vallu etc. 10 Years we arent there. Its better we forget TG in the better interest of AP

    AP = TS cheydaniki manaki chala pani undi. 


  4. 14 hours ago, Muskism said:

    10 kakapothe 15 years kina state ni nasanam cheyyataniki malli ready avthadu,.. entha develop chesi emi use,..

    Anduke eliminate him andi. First 6 Months lo aipovali. 

    People will forget by election time as anyways CBN development shall over shadow it

  5. On 5/25/2024 at 2:49 AM, baggie said:



    Maha Vamsi gadi rare  meaningful video

    this brother n sis combo of Mahaa is the lowest level of journalism 

    edo Bajji bandi degara sodi kaburlu chepukunatu chala cheap ga matladataru

    Malli papam aa raju ane ayana oka 1 liner chepthe veedu malli daniki expert laga visleshana. 

    ABN RK kuda intha show cheydu 

    TV5 Anchor batch is the best. Neat presentation and body language (Murthy, VK) 

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