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  1. TEJU ufff he's back guys. When I first joined the DB.. Ramke Charithra.. Teju was my first enemy, and Mr. Dotu was my first friend. Atleast 1 of them is back.. I'm so happy! Prema thondarga vasthuna Ramke

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    2. RamKe


      anthe anthe Teju vala ivvala nenu aggatledu. control ledu.


      ekkuvu excite aythey inthe. Teju effect gurinchi matalo cheppalemu

    3. Peter Griffin

      Peter Griffin

      ekkuva excite iyyavu ani xxx dantlo pettavu koriki paresthadi

    4. saileshgogineni


      baboi rey vunnam niku ramke following undaaa :o

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