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  1. shivaji did not beg any one to make him captain or house mate and did not cry like amar

    as amar tried for sympathy  BIGBOSS team showed  amar videos

    in present ott era better no need to discuss about boothulu

    at the age of 50 coming to top 5 is a big achievement 

    his mistakes are very minor when compared to other housemates




  2. 1 hour ago, ChiefMinister said:

    ittanti analysis lu last time chalaane vesaru... cut chesthey.. .RR vodipoyaadu... , KCR ki strong mandate vachindi...

    Last they won every bi  election

    Now they lost some BI elections and GHMC

    So we cannot predict now

    Only hope for brs  is    andhra  voters

    As andhra voters in GHMC limits are positive to BRS



  3. 8 hours ago, OneAndOnlyMKC said:

    28th evening ki T lo election canvassing complete

    29th nundi babu garu political meets and tours cheskovachu 

    So can babu garu keep a press meet and reveal who is behind his arrest and impact T voters genuinely not like how ...

    Piece piece gadu apudu T elections ayyaka visa kavali annattu 

    Babu can keep press meets now also

    There are no conditions for keeping pressmeets


  4. Though we should not blame people in politics 

    But Ap people who settled in hyderbad will vote to BRS

    Kcr  enni  boothula  tittina marichopyi mari vote vestharu

    Ave tittlu telangan people ni  any leader tittunte

    they will.never vote to that party 

    But 80 percent of A P people in telenagna will vote to brs

    We have to see how they will vote in 2024




  5. 6 hours ago, ramntr said:

    Manchi art director/prod designer ni kuda lagithe visuals ki dhoka vundadu... Also manchi ghost writer as well.. 🙂

    Balayya always asks for ram prasad as cameraman

    Even for VSR  replaced with ramprasad

  6. In the same liquor   case supreme court asked ED Not to investigate kavitha 

    and in same case sisodia bail rejected

    It is easy to arrest opponents from now on wards by showing Delhi liquor case as example bciz all parties will receive funds




  7. 4 minutes ago, akhil ch said:

    asalu cbn em matladukunda undali. just silent . rest . spend with family

    These type of strategies made us to get 23

    There are many loop holes in judiciary just use them and should talk and can do rallies also

  8. 20 minutes ago, tarakrajam said:

    Malineni Saab ..maatadithe SSR , NN ani expectations vipareetham ga penchesadu 

    1st half Sruthi Hasan tho kankara rod second half steel rod pettadu ..


    ANIL RAVIPUDI ki dhandam pettochu ... Families tho chakkaga chuse cinema ichadu 


    Malineni told in interview  that  he told different story which happens in one day

    But balayya asked for larger than life story  which made him to do routine 

    Even Bhagavanth kesarin  flash back also different but he made to change 


  9. 2 minutes ago, ramntr said:

    Asalu BO tracker collections gurinchi racha enduku chestharu, vati gurinchi alochinchakunda vundatam chala better.... Enjoy the run till next 2 weeks... Ey bommalu levu next week's లో vachevi.... 

    Producers has to concentrate and should give reply otherwise it will become like iPac publicity and will continue for next movie also

  10. In last 20 years except boya and puri(when he is in out of form) all  balayya movies are with c grade directors

    Just now started with b grade directors malineni and anil 

    Inko hero ayuntte aa  c grade directors cinemala debbabki eppudo shed ki vellipoyevallu

    Balayya kabatti thattukunnadu 

    Atlease now changed and doing with good directors



  11. 6 minutes ago, LION_NTR said:

    US numbers meedha ekkuva anchanaalu pettukovadhu.

    this is the most hostile area for NBK.

    decade of trolling, severe caste hatred will not vanish that easily.

    be happy that we are gaining some neutral base now.

    we can reach 1.5 to 2 Mil mark in future..with consistent hits and non-cringe material.

    for now, we really did good. 
    only issue is bad scheduling of some shows.

    crossing 1 Mil mark with each movie should be our goal as far as US goes.


    One movie with top director like rajamouli ,trivikram ,sukumar,neel will take to next level

    Aa prabas gadiki bahubali mundu nothing

    Just now balayya shifted from c grade directors to b grade directors

    After bobby he has to plan with top director

  12. 5 hours ago, gnk@vja said:

    Inka enni rojulu pedtharu ra lopala 

    proofs lev em Lev endira ee chandalam

    ee lekkana evdainaian pettochu lopala enni days kavali ante anni days 

    em desam ra babu

    Yes in india a person  can be kept in jail without any proof minimum 14 days to maximum no limit

    In low level police will do with money

    In high level those who are in power will do

    Recent best example sisodia no bail every one got bail



  13. 2 hours ago, OneAndOnlyMKC said:

    He has respect on bala... Legend title song and other album good kada bro.... 

    Dsp or thaman gave good musical hits only to allu arjun and mega family

    Manaki bgm ani cheppi aa thaman gadu biscuit vesttadu

    Except jai balayaa thaman did not gave  hit song and he has done four films

    Atelast DSP  gave legend title song which is best in balayya career

  14. 9 minutes ago, SLUGGER said:

    VSR time lo same edhe rachha ga, WV ki ekkuva screens alot cjesaru, manchi screens anni poyayi…. Ippudu malla VSR tho comparing ah…

    Leo team em promotions chesthundani ah craze vasthundi… team lo okkaraina interview ichhara? Poni telugu lo song emaina super ga unda? Oka event emaina conduct chesara? trailer emaina impressive ga unda?


    Ah vijay gadi craze kanna its just anirudh and lokesh universe effect anthe… ee athram 1st day tharuvatha continue avuthado ledo chudali


    BK - ee movie varaku records collections l8 thesukondi, hope anil anattu chana yendlu yadunte chalu…waiting for emotional side of Bala, chala directors vadukoledhu ee angle ni.



    Lokesk kanagaraj overrated director

    He will fade out with this movie as he is doing same template movies 

    But he has craze as one set of audience are watching senseless mass movie like vikram,jawaan ,kgf  ,pathaan after covid 

    Only first day leo 

    From second day BK will rule

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