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  1. 9 minutes ago, MSDTarak said:

    Am comparing 96 sankshobam not 2014 thing , appudu CBN NTR ni dimpi party ideology debba tintundi ani chebte adi party ni kapadukovataniki, ippudu eknath cheste adi ద్రోహం అవుతుందా?

    Even don't compare with 1996

    Both are different situations 

    Lakshmi parvati is the main reason


  2. 59 minutes ago, MSDTarak said:

    మనం చేస్తే అది పార్టీని రక్షించుకోవడం పక్కనోడు చేస్తే అమ్ముడుపోవడం 🤣🤣

    Don't compare Ap situation with this


    In 2014 jagan told TDP mla s are in touch with him

    Then CBN started


  3. 19 hours ago, gnk@vja said:

    With this money jaffa may start some patching working to subsidies people  angry .

    He will try to address  basic issues  like roads and 24hrs power 

    He may reduce taxes and charges as well 

    In politics only welfare schemes will not work

    the problem is there is no strong wave for tdp after 1999

    we have to wait for time

    if people want to vote nothing will stop like delhi kejriwall' and  recent punjab elections

    due to various reasons after 1994 and 1999  there is no strong wave for tdp though we won with little margin in 2014


  4. 14 hours ago, chanti149 said:

    Evarni antunaranedi secondary... Govt post ki ee broker gadi tho chit chats... Looks cheap.. Degrading herself and her post

    If RK is broker who are highly professional in india according to you


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