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  1. Present trend batti…. Ind Vs SA and Aus Vs NZ semis ki ekkuva chances
  2. NZ has 5 lefties in their batting. convoy, rachin, Latham, Chapman, Santner India must use Ashwin to gain psychological advantage or to test the waters before possible knockout match with NZ
  3. Ind Vs NZ Ind -> all 4 matches played so far are chases. NZ -> in their 4 matches, only 2 are chases. I see NZ have nice balance in this aspect. If India depends on just chasing targets, we will be doomed in knockouts
  4. Where is the link of academy’s original post/tweet ?
  5. Mastaru…. Recently I attended my congressmen townhall. He is a Republican. He said R party wants the whitehouse to send aid to Ukraine. We have to bare that to help our brothers in Ukraine ani annadu…. if you are believing that only Democrats are doing this, God bless you.
  6. When religion drives the country, this is the direction they will go
  7. Pani paata leni ilanti topics anni mana KeeyamKhan ki dorukutaaayi…. Pushpins vachestaaaru aaha oho antu…..
  8. Atleast capital people are coming to roads after shifting capital. Seema public ekkada bayataki vacharu when Amar raja batteries was harassed ?
  9. PARAAR aney card kooda pattuku randi….
  10. Oka female celebrity ni gattiga gokaadu….. appudu matter Sonia Gandhi daaka ellindi….. appatnunchi SG ki veedi meeda bad opinion undi ani off record lo oka big leader chepparu maku
  11. Seema prajala meeda ekkuva hopes levu….. KIA, Sri City lo companies, konni areas ki water etc ichina they have musti 3 MLAs
  12. Vadu next Elections time lo Vizag velli Nenu geliste ne Vizag raajadhani….. Kurnool velli Nenu geliste ne Kurnool rajadhaaani antaaadu
  13. It’s ok guys….. fans lo different types untaru. Some vent out and some will remain subtle. Spare him.
  14. There will be many people like him. One by one should come out
  15. Janaaalaki Ivanneee gurthu untayaaa? Fans ego hurt ayindi…. But common man will not remember all these serial-incidents. They will just remember that CBN is jailed and targeted by Jagan. Supreme Court lo quash ayithe, that result will be remembered and all these incidents will be erased from memory automatically.
  16. Pillalu leni oka musali tandriki tandri leni oka niru pedha pillavadu datta putrudigaa unnadu… as long as that musali XXX is taken to justice, then only his adopted XXX will be given proper treatment.
  17. MoSha hand kooda undi….. don’t ignore those two ba$…..s
  18. Psychos ni machos ga pogudutunnaraaa ? Pity….
  19. 1948 UN resolution endi sodaraaa ? To have one nation for Jews and one nation for Arabs and Coexist kaadaaa ?
  20. DB pushpins laaga super confident ga lies cheptunnadu
  21. Desaniki em kharma pattindi….. propoganda films being released during elections…… Indira Gandhi kooda humble leader lekka project avvuddi going fwd…. (Just like how YSR is seen as humble compared to Jagan)
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