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  1. Come out of the tabboos…..
  2. And also, one more route…. Forgot the Visa type…. If you work in an American work place and some American citizen shoots you, you will get EAD and GC within few years….. Punjabis ekkuva abuse chesaru ee facility ni…..
  3. Even new folks…. Their routes are different. they come here, marry someone and get GC and finally settle down with another Punjabi. Majority chesedi idhey…..
  4. Asyllum easy kaadu le….. most of the punjabis has GCs….. their path to citizenship is different than ours!
  5. Valla aasa adhi….. breaking away “any Punjab” is not possible in todays world….
  6. Good retort by GV. CBNs choice of words will always give chance to someone to twist and malign. “Vyavasayam dandaga” - this is a part of his statement which gives completely different meaning when taken out and seen differently. “SC Lu ga evaru puttalanukuntaru” - again his intention is haves Vs havenots. But again, this statement gives a complete different picture when we listen as a bits and pieces. ”nanyamaina madhyana chavakagaa istaaamu” - choice of words is the fault here. Malli same strategic failure. Good that opposite lo Jagga gadu full fail ayyi unnadu and this statement will not dent us. choice of words are important for a public figure. Manollu eppudu nerchukuntaro…..
  7. Pak ki Balochistan India ki Khalistan…. “both are not same”. But both are demands for separate country.
  8. Asylum visa approval rate is very low….. their demand is more religious and emotional than we think. (Not going into if it’s right or wrong as I am no one to decide)
  9. Most of them are already citizens….. Gujjus and Punjabis get GCs at a faster pace than South Indians. Refugees kinda avasaram ledu….
  10. It was actually the other way than what you think. 2014 lo CBN promised Narsapuram MP ticket and gave it to BJP in last minute. 2019 lo kooda he lobbied with CBN to announce his name (he was in TDP back then) but CBN didn’t announce. He waited until last minute and went to YCP as PK pressurized. this is the back ground for not joining any party. Whoever gives him Ticket he will join that party ani pettadu…. with all this mishap, if RRR doesn’t contest this time, TDP e seat ni teskelli YCP ki golden plate lo petti ichinatte…!
  11. MP seats south ki taggina tarvatha country will face big music!
  12. Their demand is Punjab as separate country. (Both Punjabs from India and Pak) mana nunchi vidadeeyatam kastam, once it is done, they can easily get the other part from Pak. I am not backing their demand, but explaining why they primarily focus on India Punjab.
  13. Oho….. Ayanaki cheppi BJP ki icharu ani nuvvu choosava ?
  14. Malli Jagga gadu power loki vaste evadu fight cheyyadu….. after this episode!
  15. AP lo job security ledu every generations. Develop ayyi jobs(organized and unorganized sectors) plentiful untey Anna canteen avasaram ledu. Appati varaku undali ani naa uddesyam.
  16. Don’t expect anything from party on this aspect…. Somehow they are stuck in a circle
  17. 2024 lo CM anamaata inka….. indications clear
  18. Last lo real Jagan vachinappudu super undi scene
  19. Please wake up….. I partly agree with this statement before 2019. post 2019, after all the atrocities on Dalits, TDP failed to penetrate deep into this votebank. Asalu mana main leaders pakkana Dalits rare ga untaru….. kalupukoni pothe slow ga change vastundi…. Mahasena, Kolikapudi are good things happened to the party. Mahasena seat vishayam lo pedda mishap chesam. Oka pedda sabha petti we are behind Mahasena ani oka message ichi gelipinchukovalsina candidate….. these things will have impact for sure! coming to Muslims, 2014-2019 madhya lo manam chesinantha evaru cheyyala. Manam chesina Danilo jagan 10% kooda cheyyalaaa…. Ayina fail ayyamu to penetrate into this section. Who are our Muslim leaders in party ? Name 3 or 5 people ?
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