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  1. RRR is a star campaigning material. Ayanaki seat lekunda avamanam antey it will send negative vibes. BJP seats lo deposits kooda kastame….. (not due to RRR)
  2. Undavalli won second time with a slender margin due to Anaparthy. nallamilli ki biscuit! somi reddy ki ticket….. endole
  3. Oho….. RR podichindi emi ledu 🤣 ground level lo full fight ichindi RR and Bandi. Bandi tyre BJP puncture chesindi. RR venaka RaGa and Priyanka strong ga nilabaddaru. That’s where INC won people’s trust.
  4. Saw it without expectations…. Hero characterization meeda inkaa ekkuva work cheyyalsindi….. main focus on villian getup laaga undi….. budget constraints clear ga Kanipinchayi movie lo….. but a good try.
  5. Second part undi….. my interview….
  6. His first preference is TDP next JS and Last one is BJP. I interacted with him in person and via zoom many times. Live lo cheppedi vere untundi for political reasons
  7. Asalu RRR seat evaranna BJP daaka testaaraa ? Post 2019 anti-Jagan version lo RRR kanna ekkuva evaru fight seyyala…. inni jarigina tarvatha kooda RRR ki TDP tarapuna MP ticket ivvakapovadam darunam.
  8. He clearly told situation is not like early 2000s. 1. People are not coming out for public issues 2. govt is the worst and targeting brutally. so for these reasons we are not seeing people coming out and voicing their opinion freely. Hopefully they will come out and voice out when TDP is in power and support all the things we do when we unearth the brutalities done by these thugs
  9. He can win as independent. As there is no TDP or JS candidate for MP, cross voting full ga padtayai from TDP and JS.
  10. RRR should contest as independent. TDP votes one side ga padatayi and BJP ki deposit eaakoodadu
  11. Septini gadaaa……. Off record chepparu ani
  12. Drugs issue ticket issue meeda full clarity vastundi watch this one
  13. BJP inka list release seyyalaa…..
  14. Mundu @Chandasasanudu ni musey for quoting wrong person and also ban @OneAndOnlyMKC for making me see this pic early morning
  15. today morning interaction (indulo 100% confident ani cheppadu anukondi as it will be telecasted)
  16. “Fix the issue” who has to fix ? What is central intelligence doing ? Terrorist activities control is central subject. Em peekaru ? Using Intelligence wing for political parties witch hunting tappa! ekkado abroad lo mysterious men vachi konta mandi Indian govt targets ni shoot chesi veltunnare….. own country lo suspects ni nail down seyyalera ?
  17. BJP ivvakapovadam shock kaadu…. He is allowed to face this situation by TDP and JS anedi shock
  18. If MP is confirmed, that too for a sitting MP, he will be notified and asked him to join party a day or two in advance. till date RRR didn’t get that confirmation. Ayana kooda night announce chesaka telustundi if I get the ticket or not ani annadu off record antey….. “may be” he won’t get ani naa feeling. I wish my feeling will be proved false and he will be in that list when announced!
  19. He is not confident about the seat and even he is waiting until the list is announced tonight….. general ga mundu cheptaaaru confirm ayina vallaki
  20. Interviewed RRR again today. He may not get Narsapuram MP seat……
  21. Krishnan Vande jagadgurum appudu Gaali Janardhan reddy mining vishayalu choopettadu same type lo Jagga ganja dandaaa choopistaaaru anukunta
  22. Major shock in Telugu pro TDP political circles
  23. 4k for woofer, Martin Logan speaker and reciever
  24. Winter time lo guests raaarugaa…. Spring lo untaaru
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