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  1. https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2022/11/13/gop-governor-larry-hogan-midterm-election-loss-trump-intv-sotu-vpx.cnn
  2. Expected this! You guys can’t see… Andh Bhakts for ever!
  3. Dear fellow Rep fans in DB, do you guys really think this results are reflections on Biden’s achievements ? 1. he is the most under rated President. Reasons could be his loooooong journey in politics and anything he achieves will be seen as under-achievement. And also, he is called as sleepy-Joe. So the perception that’s created is completely different from what he does. 2. Now comes the most important part. The ruckus you guys did when Dump lost. Attacking the Capitol, spreading lies that Dump won, spreading false narratives on Biden and Kamala, last but not least Ma
  4. Historically, every US President fared badly in mid terms. Surprisingly Biden was the most successful president in terms of performance in mid terms.
  5. Ayyooooo……… deSantis vachestaaademo Rep candidate gaaa……. GOP “dump” chestundanukunta chivarikeeee aaaa howdy lowdy gaaadini!
  6. Oka proper vision and implementation unnodu ledu both sides. Daridram adhey!
  7. Nayapaisaaa upayogam undadu….. Red and Blue are a colossal failure post Obama..! Dump gaademo Bodia laaaga empty words Biden gaademo Munchin, Durbin lanti daridrulani daggara pettukoni adugu munduku veyyalekunnadu….. may be Biden got compromised that he will die as ex-President and that’s enough!
  8. So Gujarat only went to 100% after Bodia is FeeeeM for 7 years ? Antaka mundu 3 terms SheeeM ga em eeekaledaaa ?
  9. Alaaaagey undu….. inko few years lo WhatsApp university lo oka pic vastundi….. IIT lo ee Kurrodu top ani….. reason Bodia ani kooda untundi….
  10. Gif maaarchu….. ahem…. Username marustaaav anukooo Malli…..
  11. Appatloo Muhammadian rulers and Britishers dochukunnaru….. eppudu Gujju Monarchs dochukuntunnaru!
  12. Good dedication from this batch… politics aside, Jaffa ki against ga Velladam antey not that easy…. most of them has police cases….
  13. Min 2 lane estaaarugaaa…… antey 3595 kms antey inflated number aney kadaaa….. concealing more than it’s revealing!
  14. 3595 —> we know how this number is calculated. A 6 lane highway for a stretch of 100 kms means 600 kms of road built
  15. B0di power loki vachaaaka ilantivi chaaalaaa ayyaayi….. UPA2 time lo nanaaaa hadaaavideeee chesaaaamu andaram….
  16. Dandaaalu doraaaa…… 2012-2016 madhya super positive ga unna eeedi meeeda….. my FB posts praising Modi are still hitting me back!
  17. Next term vachaka Adani or Ambani ki ammestaaadu le…
  18. He he….. Rupay will also charge hefty once it is fully monopolized!
  19. So he changed National emblem without any discussion or rule making ?
  20. Adhemi ledu….. kill the opposition, make sure public has only one choice! eh dikku Lenappudu Akka mogudey gathi annattu chestaaadu public ki….. that’s how he managed to remain in power! to come into power, he will come with bucket loads of lies!
  21. 164 not out antagaaa…… mana MODIfied result!
  22. China lo lock downs valla imports percentage taggi untundi…. Danni mana khaaata lo eskundaaaam….. mana verri pushpins untaaarugaaa zeee huzooor anadaaaniki…..
  23. Hmm…… okappudu Malya gaaadu inthakannaaa ekkuva egiraaaadu le….. Kingdisher, RCB etc.,
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