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  1. Cine and sports ayinaaa parledu…… talent and hard work untundi ah fields lo….. why the F do these Cheddy youth started following Jagan ? Most corrupted fellow ni blind ga caste fanatic ga follow avvatam anedhi thupuk
  2. Ranga lekka KCR ni Kadapa batch esesi TDP meedaki tosesey vallu
  3. They lost a golden opportunity between 2014-19. AP development could have been their USP for south…
  4. Video clipping ah…… empty hands tho oppukunta veedhi chivara choosina time nunchi lankinchukuntundemo….. paiga manodu aaame puttinti dabbu tho vehicle konnaaa….. leka loan lo vehicle konnaa anthe sangatulu…..
  5. Indira ilaaaney misuse chesindi democracy ni….. then people elected “someone” other than Indira. Same thing will repeat. No one is invincible!
  6. Just imagine what will say to his wife when he goes home empty handed!
  7. Alaaaa jebulo chetulu pettukoni naduchukuntooo ellipoyaaadu…….
  8. I worked with few folks in US. Those Gus settled in US with GCs. I am forming my opinion based on that.
  9. Clearly saying we will not use it for your propaganda….. now we abuse them!
  10. Hmm…… inkaaa enakeskostunnavaaa ? Brown Sooth Asian ani inthalaaa annaaakaaa koodaaa…… kharma ra babu…..
  11. Brown ki proof evadu adigaaaadu? Neeku nuvve okati create cheskoni ilaaa saradaaa padu…..
  12. Racist comment chesinodini idiot anaka sewak anaalaaa so blindly posting tappa manaki proofs undavugaaa back cheyyataaniki as usual
  13. Chaaa……. Did you have proofs that they went with CAIR? Untey pettandi….. come out of your binary world!
  14. I clearly mentioned kadaaa brother….. Pakis love their county to an extent that they hate India while doing that….. desa bhakti anedhi internal ga unnantha kaaalam it doesn’t impact badly. When desa bhakti becomes the main emotion, developments and rational thinking subsides! very simple question…… desa bhakti lekapothe develop cheyyalemaaa ? Leka desa bhakti unteney development avtundaa ? we should not fall to this prey antunnaa…… desa bhakti andariloo entha konta untundi….. unless he is a terrorist….!
  15. liquor is sold in plastic bottles anta….. heard in Mahasena video….
  16. Ah ichadu edho mana govt unnappudu icheste edo oka development activity ki vaadataaaam kadaaaa
  17. So Hindus ayinantha mathraana Hindutwa groups approach ayithe Ji Huzzzor anaaaali….. lekapothe we will be tagged to CAIR! emanna logic ah ? Tip of the iceberg is this idiot calling them “Brown” Sooth Asians! malli vellani venakeskostunnaavaaa @Rajakeeyam
  18. Modi fan blaming others as serial liars
  19. Serial liar antey Modi kada annai…..
  20. Antha scene ledu le….. Gujjus will try to squeeze others and enjoy….. samething happening with MoSha
  21. “Return gift” lanti pedda matalu enduku le….. have no expectations on this!
  22. Isn’t it racist comment ? Instead they took the help of CAIR as fellow "brown" Sooth Asians.
  23. Enni rules pettinaa public maaarithe tappa no use….. eppudoooo Nirbhaya time lono leka pushkaraaaniki oka saaaroooo public revolt chesthe no use…. for our country to succeed, we need constant public revolts for any mal practices….. lekapothe gone case!
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