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  1. Test matches lo workload ki 20-20 lo work load ki no comparision. That too he is playing back to back three tests bowling 40+ overs in each match….
  2. South farmers are hit by weather changes drastically. Especially farmers alongside Bay of Bengal coast. Central govt doesn’t give enough compensation (when you compare to that given during Gujarat floods)
  3. Elections postpone ayithe Vella release kooda postpone ayyedigaa…. Malli chest thumping okati
  4. Invincible emi kaadu….. purely media management….. same thing happening with Modi as well. Just wait and watch
  5. All these are mythological terms. Okappudu world lo unde civilizations nammevi….. manaki Kalki, Greeks lo kooda edo undi…. Apocalypse etc.,
  6. Asalu between padma bushan and padma vibhushan, what did Chiru do in any industry ? Be it movies, social service or politics! Purely Kapu appeasement kosam tappa….
  7. antey….. elections mundu 5 members ki ichaaru antey palli bataaneela kanna ekkuva ani sir….. PV died before Modi1 term. Ayyagaariki 10 years pattindi that too at a time when they badly need something to say in TG Parliment elections. meeru kallu moosukoni paalu taagandi mastaaru
  8. Which govt has given highest no of Bharat ratnas in an election year ? future IAS question. Start teaching your kids!
  9. Could be….. but along with Kohli, KL Rahul looks to be most fit guy “visually” but he always gets injuries
  10. Regular ga cricket choodakunda commenting deniki uncle ? 2023 lo after his comeback, KL is playing very good. injury ayyentha aadesaadaaa ani kaadu kaani….. right question is, KL looks very fit and uploads fitness videos very regularly, he has nice toned body with tattoos and still he is highly injury prone. Ah point naaku artham kaadu!
  11. Uncle….. BJP manaki help sestundi ani inkaa day dreaming ah ?
  12. 2019 lo Hindutwa meeda kaduga vellindi….. Pakistan ni boochiga choopinchi vellaru…… Hindutwa may not yield same results as anti-Pakistan ani na feeling. Let’s see….
  13. Athi Kooda virakti puttistadi…. Let’s wait and see what happens.
  14. JDS range ki emi raledu le kaaani……. BJP tho pothu will be blunder. I strongly voice out that. Until seat share is declared we cannot conclude. So holding my horses until then
  15. Nijamgaa 375 or 400 solo ga vache scene unnappudu, why do they need people like Nitish, Kumara Swamy, RJD, AD, TDP into their fold ? Solo ga poyi techukuntaaru kadaa!
  16. Mundu aadani….. alaanti injury tarvatha full fitness techukoni matches aadina, Malli injure avvadam possibility undi
  17. Vammooooo……. Chaaala teda ga unnave….. whole India lo nuvvokadive itta conclude chesindi
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