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  1. I don’t trust Modi and BJP. Sorry bro….
  2. Deputy PM = double rubber stamp. Left hand of PM!
  3. Put your hand on heart, will Modi agree to CBN’s demands ? I don’t think he will put his ego aside…..
  4. Expect the unexpected….. RaGa may propose special status to AP for exchange of support to INDIA.
  5. INC 90+ daatithe they have more chances to form govt. that’s their track record. Unfortunately, Modi with his arrogance burnt bridges with many parties and lost trust
  6. Govt infra development ki kaavaaali….. 2019 lo unna state ki tevalannaaa chaaala cost avtundi given the inflation
  7. 2019 lo unna state ki tevalannaaa chaaala funding kaavaaali…..
  8. Go INDIA Go…! We need respect to all parties and arrogant dictators should be shown the door!
  9. They will grab few YCP MLAs as a revenge to RaPaKa episode…. And sit in opposition to show how proper way to run house.
  10. Aara mastaaan worked for YCP from 2012 till they brought PK. and also, 2014 lo he gave 100+ to jagan and 60+ to CBN. Manolla failure is lack of ways to expose scums like Aara Mastaaan
  11. 6 phases kadaaa…… Pelli bus la mahima
  12. It will take some more time….. it’s inevitable
  13. It’s only leading…… this counting may go down the wire….. both sides may lose or win by slight margins
  14. As of now right fight in Varanasi….. let’s see if this is a temp tight fight or goes down the wire
  15. No way….. this time PK will control them….. they eye to replace YCP position
  16. మా సందులో 100% ఓట్స్ టీడీపీకి పడ్డాయి That itself is a clear indication for this massive sweep….. CBN….. he will be remembered by TDP cadre and JS cadre!
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