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  1. How many thousands of crores are wasted for this train model ? just adding few more Garibraths would have addressed the requirement right ?
  2. Monna Kolikapudi gattiga eskunnadu ee govt employees ni……
  3. “Organizational leadership” - note this point your honor!
  4. Chello show aney Gujarat movie ni mana country nunchi official ga nominate chesaaaru….. ilanti empty words aka just words without actions kotha kaaadule…..
  5. Vja to Sec 4 hours ah ? Malli Brodiaaa ki Jai antaaaaru…… go moootram batch!
  6. Anam Into TDP? Valla brother already vocal in TDP kadaaa
  7. Em parledu….. govt employees deserve the leader to whom they voted with both hands!
  8. Ok….. Lokesh paadayatra antey kontamandiki kadupu manta vastunnattu undhigaaa…… more than Lokesh, I feel this event will create buzz in the party cadre and leaders. YCP will instigate people like Nani and Vamsi to foul mouth….. there could be stray incidents as well, like throwing eggs etc., but Lokesh already showed lot of maturity in responding to instigative-incidents in the past.
  9. Vallu 20k per month ichi leputaaaru…… it’s not about money, it’s about your loyalty to state and yourselves!
  10. Vote undo ledo telusukuney stage ki country ni techaaaru…… EC, CBI, ED, IT lanti institutions independent ga work chesi untey (Atleast after 2014), country lo situation different ga undedi…. India slipped into a infinite loop which eats itself!
  11. Lokesh should use this….. perfect comparision
  12. Double engine sarkar’s main intention is to drive away the investments in other states towards Gujarat at faster pace! That’s what’s happening in MH and KA!
  13. So Gujarat only went to 100% after Bodia is FeeeeM for 7 years ? Antaka mundu 3 terms SheeeM ga em eeekaledaaa ?
  14. Alaaaagey undu….. inko few years lo WhatsApp university lo oka pic vastundi….. IIT lo ee Kurrodu top ani….. reason Bodia ani kooda untundi….
  15. Good dedication from this batch… politics aside, Jaffa ki against ga Velladam antey not that easy…. most of them has police cases….
  16. Min 2 lane estaaarugaaa…… antey 3595 kms antey inflated number aney kadaaa….. concealing more than it’s revealing!
  17. 3595 —> we know how this number is calculated. A 6 lane highway for a stretch of 100 kms means 600 kms of road built
  18. Dandaaalu doraaaa…… 2012-2016 madhya super positive ga unna eeedi meeeda….. my FB posts praising Modi are still hitting me back!
  19. Next term vachaka Adani or Ambani ki ammestaaadu le…
  20. He he….. Rupay will also charge hefty once it is fully monopolized!
  21. Adhemi ledu….. kill the opposition, make sure public has only one choice! eh dikku Lenappudu Akka mogudey gathi annattu chestaaadu public ki….. that’s how he managed to remain in power! to come into power, he will come with bucket loads of lies!
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