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  1. @AnnaGaru Lokesh Minister ayyaka vachina companies, vati stamina, location, potential job opportunities, expected start date, current status ila oka thread start cheyyandi.... keep it locked so that it won’t get spammed. Pin cheddam.... let the data be 100% genuine. Emi leni 0% state nunchi eh range ki vachindo so far oka clarity untundi.... meda lo erra tundu eskoney pratee erri edavaaa Lokesh ni abuse cheyyatam taggutundi
  2. Hope farmers are not over using fertilizers for high yield.
  3. Initiatives like this should have govt participation. In one way accountability untundi and developments anedhi govt control lo untundi.... (subject to correction)
  4. We have to understand that these stores are only viable in cities. So places like Vizag, Vijayawada etc will see Walmart stores. Rest of the places still enjoy the traditional stores and nobody can beat them. one more thing, even in cities it’s not like everyone will stand queue infront of walmart. Given the traffic situation many will prefer their nearby shops
  5. Culture marali AP lo.... labor shortage undhi AP lo.... janaalu kastapadey tatwam taggutondi.... oka section mathramey kastapadutondi.... those who has no option rather than to work hard are working hard. Some sections are enjoying freebies and some sections have become blood suckers.
  6. Center playing it’s part in TG! Maha kutani leaders pai IT dadulu cheyinchi bhayapedadamani try chesaru... nobody cared! now they want to confuse the opposition parties with the name of increasing seats. So that they want opposition to be short on preparations and help KCR huff and puff
  7. Guys there is some storage at Prakasam barrage (2 TMC ?).... so technically speaking, when Pattiseema motors are 100% operating at 24x7 there is a possibility to feed Both the areas. May be, we cannot release to both areas at same time, but it can be done in a switching basis.... NS Right canal’s requirement is around 60-80 TMC.... anyways as folks mentioned it’s better to have a permanent and feasible solution.
  8. Tickets time appudu mamool galata undadu.... hope leader take some bold wise and timely decisions for elections
  9. At present Sonia and Rahul are dead against Jaffa.... only hope is INC for keeping this thug behind bars
  10. A question : is it possible to see Godavari/Krishna sangamam with Bay of Bengal during floods ?
  11. Main problems for Eluru 1. Drinking water (with pattiseema, chintalapudi, polavaram this should be a past thing, but proper surveillance should be done one how the water is distributed to house holds) 2. Drainage issues : Eluru has long standing demand to build under ground drainage system, hopefully some day we will see a proper solution 3. Roads and beautification : Eluru as a town is lagging far behind the interior roads and no of parks. These should be the top 3 priorities for any govt if you want to develop Eluru.
  12. This is one of the irrigation wonders India has ever witnessed. I pray GOD to give CBN another full term where he will have sound health so that he can complete Godavari penna link as well. It it is very sad to see farmer losing his hard earned assets due to losses in agriculture (cyclone/famine/lack of timely water resources)
  13. Gurrapu dekka meeda a decade ago eenadu lo oka article chadiva....
  14. British vadu vadili poyina parasite ee gurrapu dekka
  15. Aparalu sagu rendo pantaga vestaru bro.... 6 tadulu anukunta
  16. 2 things brother.... cultivation goes as clusters. Mee pakka madi lo tegulu meeku kuda vastundi..... generally speaking farmers depend on the money they gain from harvest and it is a huge risk to shift crops. Majority of them are small/medium/kavulu raitulu.... if something goes wrong, they sometimes have to sell their lands. Even if they try new things and if there is no market, it’s a gone case. There are many ifs and buts at ground level when it comes to farming and business. Youtube lo videos chusi annaru ala cheyyali ani ledu.... there is a difference between guys who travel in a luxury boat and others who travel on “teppa “
  17. Maadi venkatapuram panchayati but very near to bus stand. Sad part is no roads/drainage/trash/street light facilities yet!
  18. Manollu pictures and graphics tho extreme high expectations set chestunnaru.....
  19. Please have your biased opinions confined to yourselves and mind that this is a public domain. Many non members will be viewing and please don’t project that there is suspicion at ground level on one community on whether it will mill votes or not! Straight fwd question, don’t we have committed anti TDP people in all other upper castes ?
  20. Thanks Gadkari Ji. Atleast you opened up, oka 6 months or 1 year game play chesi untey we would have lost valuable time
  21. Oka stadium build cheyyandi IPL games pettandi.... parking at foot of hill
  22. How to go to Pattiseema ? I think we can have a thread sharing different ways to reach pattiseema.
  23. So srisailam pai AP ki.... Sagar pai TS ki hakku undha??
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