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  1. Read somewhere that they are planning on same lines from Rajiv Gandhi Park to Durga Hill.... I doubt if it is feasible??
  2. Good... ISKON temple ki baaga reach untundi.... Will boost tourism
  3. Good decision! We need good attractions within BZA.... Cricket grounds can wait... They can be at the outskirts
  4. It is clear.... South lo language centric states paina savathi prema chuputharu.... Ilanti worst behaviour will lead to disaster
  5. We are moving in that direction.... Polavaram dam is the only solution.... Manam one by one kattalsina situation lo unnam...
  6. Eluru lo kuda canal widening ki silent ga works start chesaru.... Illegal occupants andatiki collector nunchi khalee cheyyamani notices vachayi.....
  7. Hmm..... Helicopter ready anamaata Modi gadiki
  8. Shit paper kanna keka kaduga Raj uncle.... Oka sari mee vodi road shows pics chusi matladandi.... Current pole meeda 50 mandi kurchunattu kooda esaru
  9. Maa oori gunda potundi.... Janallo vanuku modalaindi.... Polalu potayemo ani.... Memu 10 years back ammeskunnam kaalam kalisi raaka..... So naa varaku maa oori meeduga ORR veltondann happiness undi....
  10. Okka kashmir enti north east kuda seperate chesesadugaaa
  11. First of all, Virat ni sea lo unchitey per anuk maintaianace will be huge plus they have to bring it ashore for two months(shut down whatever business is going on) for repairs paints etc., Best way is to bring it outside sea and park on a platform.... That way it will be beneficial(i read this somewhere in a paper) Ah second option ki 300C avtundanta.... Manollu central govt ni adigaranta.... Adalu INS virat ni teskotaniki chala states interest chupistunnai... Meeku ivvatamey ekkuva.... Invest cheyyalekapothey we will allot that to other state ani moham meeda cheppesaru... Chud
  12. Forget abt vizag..... Kakinada and Rajahmundry nunchi Vijayawada ki pettina super workout avtundi......
  13. Lets take this positively..... Amaravathi nunchi nearby capital cities ki expressways untey manaki long run lo chala advantage untundi.... May be they might have started that with in telugu states.... Just dont throw down into a conclusion...
  14. Wanna meet Tarak and tell him a story...

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