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  1. 56 minutes ago, ramntr said:

    Slow ga international carriers andaru ఇటు move avutharu, overhauling facility edo అన్నారు adi kuda పెడితే మంచి growth vundochu, but gnt కృష్ణ Prakasam batch ki not preferable as per the distance... 

    Cargo super opportunities..

    EG, vizag, vijayanagaram, srekakulam, part of orrissa passengers

  2. 2 hours ago, ravindras said:


    vizag airport runs even after operations at bhogapuram airport started. it possibly affects viability of bhogapuram airport.

    in hyderabad begumpet airport closed immediately after inauguration of shamshabad airport. 

    in vizag center want to create hurdles to bhogapuram airport indirectly.

    Endhi run ayyedhi.. slowly taggipothayi

  3. 4 minutes ago, Saichandra said:

    2 crs people enrolled anta bro e scheme lo

    Maa village okatanu chanipoyadu family athani midane dependent... Necessary documents submit cheathee with in one week direct bank account lo vachhayi 2 lakhs... CBN photo ettukunnaru intlo ippudu

  4. Hyd 8 yrs lo kattaru, aa exp tho idi 4 yrs lo complete chestam ani raju garu interview lo cheparu. First phase before elections complete. Cheyagalgithe too good annattu

    2019 ki first phase may not possible... But significant progress vuntundhi
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