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  1. I m not... as I know his performance
  2. Sridhar he competes himself
  3. Last year birthday wishes posters ఇంకా poledu... already ee year posters vesaary
  4. Yes. It is helped BJP at that time by making petition on various issues.... but now everyone knows he is just a stupid
  5. Ee episode tho he cleaned himself the drunken impression during 2019 elections.....
  6. No difference for TDP with/without his presence.... let him go..
  7. Maa reddy friends ayithe chachi pothunnaru... reddy ani cheppukodaaniki siggestundi.. eee chepparu fellow valla...
  8. Meeru ilaaa cheppadam common babu garu... kani anthaa mamule... ...yelaa vunna... abhiamaanam chaavadu maaku
  9. now most of the videos are not working ..plz do the needful
  10. Aa photo nadeley baa naa face book lo nidhi this my face book kowshick.reddy

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