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  1. Yes. One of my client mother and ge went next for for cremation and during his stay for one hour it was cremated 120+ in an hour he said... It is in vijayawada and day is 30th April
  2. మనకు తెలియని అంత వరకు అలానే చేయగలరు... ఇక ఇప్పుడు కాదు లే...
  3. MLA gelichi vunte... baavindedi anukunna..... but now... seeing him happy about his commitment good going
  4. Starting lo vundi yemo... ippudayithe alaa ledu.... asalu ledu...
  5. Yadhaa raja... thadaa praja annatlu... all it depends on leadership under whom they are
  6. Jaffa batch.. merisina anakudadu... nerisina anali ...antaru
  7. Adi okappudu... ippudu kaadu... his share will be less than one 1% in upcoming elections... if he is with bjp adikudaa raadu
  8. now most of the videos are not working ..plz do the needful
  9. Aa photo nadeley baa naa face book lo nidhi this my face book kowshick.reddy