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  1. Please take rest at home instead of going to Assembly. Let Achan naidu , gorantla etc takes care . We need you to be active atleast until 2024 (next elections). Even if you decide to go Assembly, stay calm and let other folks talk. Jaffa is too dangerous with power in hand. TDP seems to be successful in trapping him (just in one session). Now AP ppl are seeing this guys original behavior.
  2. Only mentalligents can understand pk speech 😂
  3. Will read this story before sleep 😂
  4. I am from Uddandrayuni palem . We gave land for pooling . TDP got majority in Thullur mandal. Since YCP is in power now, we are worrying about yearly pay from Govt and plots allocation. With recent immature cm comments about land scam, it is evident that Amaravathi development will be stalled for some time. With TDP loss ,we are the most effected ppl in AP as there is no rule made by previous Govt.😞
  5. 90% Educated/uneducated Reddy's,converts backbone to ycp.All there brains filled with Sakshi S**t