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  1. First aa DGP sir Jagga ni arrest cheyyali. He was the one started these kind of foul languange
  2. I wish TDP should have setup a team similar to ipac team to show these kind of Govt failures. most of SM folks are genuine and spending there time to highlight Govt issues. TDP workers
  3. Denikandi Andhra position gurinchi edustaaru. Just concentrate on Rebuilding the party . 23 mlas ni ichaka kuda, Andhra position gurinchi alochistunarantee ..
  4. Too much anti on Govt. TDP just have to put more pressure on YCP Govt. Navvina naapa chene pandudde.
  5. Don't think so. TDP should go alone no matter what. PK is not mature enough . It's better to ignore him
  6. Not sure why TDP took the decision to support PK. My view is to better stay off from PK. We had enough with him. JSP lost miserably . Are we helping JSP just like TRS in the past to grow?
  7. Everyone though same thing about Jaffa.
  8. 90% Educated/uneducated Reddy's,converts backbone to ycp.All there brains filled with Sakshi S**t