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  1. I never heard about it and dont think KCR is such a fool to give Bhadrachalam to AP
  2. Agree, its mistake to go against Modi. CBN looks to have influenced by RG surveys. I don't blame leader. Mistakes happen. TDP will come strong
  3. Hope they learned from previous experience and don't leave any trace this time 😂
  4. Lokesh has to interact with ppl. He will learn everything once he is with ppl.
  5. I am from Uddandrayuni palem . We gave land for pooling . TDP got majority in Thullur mandal. Since YCP is in power now, we are worrying about yearly pay from Govt and plots allocation. With recent immature cm comments about land scam, it is evident that Amaravathi development will be stalled for some time. With TDP loss ,we are the most effected ppl in AP as there is no rule made by previous Govt.😞
  6. ma village in Tadikonda constituency lo rupai ki rupai 1/2 betting in favor of ycp.
  7. Good time for Lokesh to prove himself. He should plan to stay in public and learn to talk effectively and interact well.
  8. last 5 years lo chandra babu development entha highlight ayyindo ycp chesina rachalu kuuda anthe highlight ayyindi.
  9. mana side nunchi "ABHIVRUDDI" mantram undigga ade saalanukunnaru
  10. Raids during election time also impacted TDP so much!
  11. https://twitter.com/revathitweets/status/1131249024177020928 https://twitter.com/revathitweets/status/1131249024177020928
  12. Its Shit/pk teams strategy to show lokesh as "not good" . They are very much successful in doing that by manipulated vidoes,pics in SM. Lokesh like cbn , not so good speaker fell in trap. Most of the ppl like u staring felling no more TDP after CBN(which is exactly oppn plan). CBN despite being a CM cannot able to project Lokesh as powerful(may be he thought he has still time to make Lokesh a mass leader). For me , Lokesh is good in working hard than talking for now.
  13. 😂 Governer!!?? call chesinattu unnaru ayanaki. Darsanam madyalo call chesinanduku angry ayyi untadu .. antega