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  1. I thought of it as more like a visit to Disney ... where I can take my family once in a while ... perhaps not expect to live there It'll be nice if I can afford though.
  2. design bagundi ... idi mana range kadannattu ... gate bayati nunchi chudatame
  3. Pushakaralu is just a context brother ... many of these developments will stay for long time.
  4. wherever you see that brown colored water ... remember what Godavari folks did
  5. Stay safe, guys. Don't forget to harvest that rain water.
  6. Krishna prajalu ippudu kuda TDP ni gelipinchakapote inka valla kharma.
  7. Exactly brother. This is a fantastic forum.
  8. Not only CBN and Uma ... hats off to engineers and everyone involved in pulling this off. And finally Godavari prajalu ... chala pedda manasu chupincharu ... despite ycp efforts to sabotage the whole project. Aa neeti pravaham chusthene kadupu nindi ponthondi.
  9. video lo aa GVS scrolling endira babu naaku adi tappa inkemi kanipinchatamla.
  10. cruise ships antha fast ga vellav anukunta ... besides you won't get to enjoy the sea. May be there is demand for both.
  11. Looks nice. Is it like a week long cruise? Cost entha untadi?
  12. I'd love to attend Palekar seminars on this. Like to see what he's proposing. Anyone has links to studies/papers Palekar published on this? Anything I can read online?
  13. Good idea giving 6 month free accommodation to lady employees coming to AP without families. I know they're just doing their job ... but, they showed some commitment ... be nice to them.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised, either. Unfortunately, he has never grown beyond a street thug. Too bad.
  15. That was fantastic expression. People need to show their passions. I hope Krishna dt people remember this and put their petty politics aside. Godavari jilla vasulu pedda manasu chupuncharu. Lets acknowledge that first. And, lets put doogs like kodali nani to rest. I'm shaking my head ... I have no idea how this guy won in the last elections. Have some conscience guys.
  16. As a CM, there was a time I remember him letting go of his privileges and walking along with others with SarvaDarshanam. Its remarkable to see what this man has become. His humility. Despite his stature, how CBN sees himself when he visits Tirumala, is just monumental. My humble request, when you go to Tirumala ... don't use your influence. See if you can walk like everyone else. It is a blissful experience. Just submit yourself. I'll guarantee you, you'll be happy.
  17. Eee point nannu kuda chala sarlu badistundi. I'm willing to take comfort and say CBN knows better. Remember, he's the one who walked nearly 3000 km and integrated with people at every step of the way, Being a keyboard warrior that I'm, I have no right to question him in any way. I also know, as much as I admire CBN ... he is no NTR. And he is not trying fill NTRs larger than life role. There is no one like NTR.
  18. Being honest brother ... (you are one of the few who can understand when I talk like this. And I appreciate that) ... I don't think CBN is afraid of anything. The way he took on NTR, the monumental figure, when things were going wrong (with LP) ... is just an example. Very few remember the incident when satti babu (at the height of his power) challenged CBN to come in to vijayanagaram ... CBN simply proceeded to conduct a massive rally ... nee dikkunna chota cheppuko ani digadu akkada. CBN rarely does this kind of stuff. He's a visionary ... he has bigger things on his mind. Putting AP on a progressive path ... Just to add, YSR lanti rakshashudini ... 30 years sideline chesadu CBN ... ee jagan, vaadi thotti gang entha. At a personal level, he reached a certain nirvana. How he handled Godavari pushkar accident is just a small example.