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  1. DVSDev

    Galla Jayadev

    @AnnaGaru ee minorities tho vacchey problem adeyy Brother - CBN takes good care of them - I don’t know why they turn away from us if we go alliance with BJP - they should learn who is who and who helps them rather than just communal things
  2. DVSDev

    Nara Lokesh

    Not showing the move as minute - but these days govt house rates kooda 2 lakhs daatuthunnaayi kadaa - old penku tillu and poorillollaki thappa Pedda benefit vundadu emo kadaa
  3. DVSDev

    anam vivekananda reddy

    He enjoyed his life as he wanted - be it good or bad - RIP not sure about rest for sure his brother is going to miss him.
  4. @srohith basically if BJP loses KA - it will hit them below the belt hence - TDP gains moral support and will boost leader’s confidence to hit BJP again and again
  5. DVSDev


    Basically that is the smart/diplomatic way of revealing his cast - saying I also belong to your caste don’t put me on burner. This kind of tactics have become common
  6. @Sr Fan @ANNA GARU @chsrk @sonykongara @minion @ask678 And all DB brothers - on March 14th I posted my speculation on PK’s behavior - now he is proving my guess was correct - PK - daridrudu maree intha neecham gaa thalli ni Addam peTTukOni rajakeeya vyaparam chesthunnaadu - mugguru aada pillala jeevithaala tho aadukunnodi ki Amma meda gauravam emi vuntundi
  7. DVSDev

    Tv9 rajinikanth

    CBN’s good deeds might have sent a positive vibes to certain % of kapu community - so PK might have that info - so he is trying to chop it from other side - faulcrying - blame game - earlier his brother was over confident that came with balupu vs vaapu
  8. DVSDev

    Tv9 rajinikanth

    I think PK or proxy of PK in Twitter - is trying to get sympathy by abusing TDP and using his mother. Just once and all in a public or election meeting CBN should question - with what witness you are claiming me and my son behind it and do you think people will accept such a baseless false accuses?? PK may have learnt that Kapus are not ready to travel with him like they did with his brother.
  9. DVSDev

    Aanam viveka serious

    Some cancer - I think he is going through chemo therapy or something -If he did good deeds Almighty be with him else take him with him. And bless him some peace. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  10. DVSDev


    I think he is not the one who is handling his Twitter account. He might have handed it over to some third grade scum bag. That guy is damaging more by taking it to a street fight kind of thing. he might have rented it to rente-Palli (Addepalli)
  11. DVSDev

    CBN achievements in this term

    I got this through what’s app - this is aired by Tamil channel https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=451514678614005&id=372015329897274&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2FTDP.Pattikonda.Official%2Fvideos%2F451514678614005%2F&_rdr
  12. Basically - he took reference of Maha Bharatha and quoted shikhandi as metaphor - he didn’t directly called Modi as Shikhandi. Why no TDP spokes persons are quoting and giving rebuttals. also did anyone notice today Sarai Veerraju’s statements and why TDP leaders and cadre not demanding for Apologies from BJP and Amithsha and Modi and Sarai. Somu goes on saying 2014 will repeat - does he mean we are planning for an attack again ?? And wants to kill and wipe out strong leader This shows their true nature - I don’t know why our cadre protesting based on this
  13. DVSDev

    Kanna Lakshmi narayana in to YCP

    Basic gaa Pedakurapadu lo samajika vargaala ki atheetham gaa Kanna ki votlu veseyyy vaallu - Baagaa kalupugolu gaa vuntaadu Ani cheppeyy Vaadu naa friend. C kurrollu kooda bikes meda name plates meda Kanna youth Ani raayinchuku thirigey vaallu anta
  14. And another thing - they are giving the battle ground away - giving opposition parties chance to attack - saying these BJP and rss is trying to drive Dalits away from temples yaddi yadda
  15. I don’t know why this Christian thing come in or our DB brothers bring it here and make a big fuss out of it - as NOBODY in India “officially” announces in paper in fear of losing their reservation benefits - as Long has they don’t claim officially - no one can question it. Period. The more you question the more you hurt your self interests - as it would drive them away. After all BJP or rss or VHP is trying to hug and bring STSCS in to their folds