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  1. Seats di emi vundi ley Brother Thopulaaga develop chesina Hyd loney manalni pakkana pettaaru - name will be there in the hearts for ever - that blessings will come handy for his next generations.
  2. Polavaram thread lo middle middle Kaleswaram matter why ??
  3. @sonykongara mee posts lo photos/images/screenshots ravadam ledu Brother - okka saari Check cheyyandi
  4. Murali Mohan key naa eesaari MP ticket - if so will he win ??
  5. Manollu over excite ayyaaru ley - delete that photos from our thread
  6. పునరావాసంపై చేసిన ఖర్చు ఏది? ఏపీని ప్రశ్నించిన మసూద్‌ కమిటీ కేంద్రం ఇస్తే తక్షణమే చెల్లించేస్తాం కమిటీకి అధికారుల సమాధానం Baaga pettaaru kaddiii Ee committee members AP ki vacchi idi edo AP sontha project laa maatlaadathaaru enti ?? its Central project they should question Central govt - AP is just being as liaison between project and Central govt.
  7. @AnnaGaru asalu mana jail gun ilaanti vi vini vuntaadaa - Vaadu CM ayithey ilaanti projects and institutions annee Assam emo
  8. Basic gaa aaa Adani gaadi ki kaavaali emo idi koodaa - so financial incentives isthey work out ayyiddi Ani leaks pettinchi vuntaaru report lo so first mokallu addam petti tharwatha saavu kaburu salla gaa cheppaaru
  9. CBN chesina panulu annee votlu lekkesukoney chesaaru antaavaa Brother. ilaa chesey prathi pani lo votlu vethukkunteyy we would have just called him Politician BUT we call him leader
  10. Ee munja bullet train thesesthey 100000 kotlu miguluthaayi Ani marchi poyyaadaa
  11. House theesi - Eee Mukku ambani kooda Mana govt Oil N Natural gas meda Godava cheyya kundaa biscuits kaadu kadaa
  12. How about CBN giving call to corporates and individuals to donate huge amount of funds and exempt from Tax - and give opportunity to name major areas with respect to their ancestors and family names for years - at least for irrigation projects or Amaravathi infra projects and buildings etc etc ...!
  13. Inka ee thread close chesko vacchu - baffas support nill and paisal nill