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  1. Pruthvi@NBK

    Modi Waving To Imaginary People?

    Veedi fake smile tagaletta...thu
  2. Pruthvi@NBK

    Modi Waving To Imaginary People?

    Pelli ki chese photo shoot laga undi 😂😂
  3. Pruthvi@NBK

    Polavaram mouth talk

    Imagine a Facebook post getting 6.7 lakh shares!! This is even bigger, its not a simple click on your phone at home. People are coming in buses cars traveling 100s of KMs. Each of them will let 10s others know about polavaram. I hope this is a silent wave.
  4. Pruthvi@NBK

    modi farmer scheme

    Aa gvl gadni teesi mana admin ni BJP spokesperson cheste poyiddi.
  5. Pruthvi@NBK

    CBN | Pic of the Day | Happy Leader

    2019 gelavali. May lo 4th time CM ga chudali. 🙏 🙏
  6. Pruthvi@NBK

    CBN on 🔥

    Kaala lo rajni gurtochadu chala sarlu.
  7. Pruthvi@NBK

    Harish Rao

    Rumor is KCR won’t expand cabinet until LS elections and will not give ministry to Harish. If at all expansion happens it will be small cabinet, even then KTR and Harish won’t get ministry. After LS elections Harish hi hand istarani talk. pratap reddy joining kuda KCR ki future lo gajwel line clear cheyadaniki. Harish meeda depend ayi gelavalsi vastundi aa seat. Otherwise no reason to take pratap reddy, who lost by 55k votes and to give him MLC etc.
  8. Spoke to few krishna/guntur folks few months ago, seems they are already thinking this way. Pathiati comments are not new
  9. Pruthvi@NBK


    Kapus vote ni TDP JS share cheskuntay emo chivariki. Jagga malli budide emo.
  10. Chivariki UPA govt lo CBN, NTR ki bharata ratna ippinchukuntademo. 😀
  11. Pruthvi@NBK

    Trump at cross roads?

  12. Pruthvi@NBK

    Pensions tho cbn chavu debba kottedu

    Pure love
  13. Pruthvi@NBK

    AP welfare schemes

    Yearly twice 4k each time
  14. Pruthvi@NBK

    Modi Bollywood Selfie

    Vadi face chudandi fake smile... cunning fox vadu