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  1. Pruthvi@NBK


    Endo janalu aapudj arrest avali ippudu arrest avali ani discussing ... okavela ade jarigite law and order issue vastafi especially AP CM ni Maharashtra lo arrest cheyadam. That too when BJP is ruling Maharashtra. This is no simple issue, teda vaste mamulga undadu. National issue avvudi.
  2. Pruthvi@NBK

    KCR hadavidi...

    Dissolve chesestadu ... expecting election in december.
  3. Pruthvi@NBK

    Didi on fire

    Natioanlists aina Modi saab ni PM cheste ilantivi solve chestad ankunte.. didi ni arm twist chestam, CBN ni bay of bengal lo kaluputqm ani cheptunaru.
  4. Pruthvi@NBK

    Didi on fire

    Tightening the border !! That vast border can’t be protected, US with all its money and military is still struggling with the same problem. Some thing has to be done and it is being done atleast now. It might fail or it might be a bad idea but it will surely send a string signal to all those illgeal immigrants. Lets see how it turns out
  5. Pruthvi@NBK

    Joke of the day

    I seriously doubt this shit is what Modi & Shah are made to believe by Puran kanna sarai etc. unemployed politicians. TIMESNOW being a mouthpiece of BJP, I think this is the dream world BJP biggies are enjoying in. Reality miss ainapudu pathanam tappadu.
  6. Pruthvi@NBK

    Didi on fire

    We might hate baffas but we should not question everything. Assamand bengal lo illegal immigrants issue is at peak, ilane continue aithe assam partition daggarlone undi. Let Central govt act on this, its already very late.
  7. Pruthvi@NBK

    1st all woman SWAT Team

  8. Pruthvi@NBK

    Those Smiles..............

  9. Pruthvi@NBK

    Janasena lo join ayina Krishna

    Veedu appatlo sabitha koduku naa land kabja chesadu ani mxxxx edupulu edchadu. Ippudu vadi friend aina jaggu party lo cheradu
  10. True !! Oka caste ni purtiga vadilesi BC votes vastay ani anukodam murkatvam. Jaffa lost trust in Kaps and BCs won’t trust because of today’s U turn. EG lo 50 days trip positivity ni 2 days lo assam ki parcel chesadu.
  11. Ninna veedu edo ante strategy anukunnam 😂😂 ivala clarity vachesindi. Maroka chakkani self goal jaffa dwara.
  12. More than speech aa scheme ki mind blown. This scheme will have a great impact on society and in elections too.
  13. Monna oka lady baaga matladindi ani ankunnam kada ade roju inko sppech. CBN ideas 🙏🙏🙏. Saadhikara mitras lo women ni include chesi valla dwara grass root level daka government schemes ni teeskelladam ane thought is amazing. Must watch. Malli CBN lanti adminstrator ravadam kastam.
  14. Ade maa PK aithe cooling glasses pettkoni vachevadu.