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  1. Vodipothey antha lokuva gaa matlaaddam evaru nerpaaru brother neeku ? CBN did not leave any stone unturned. Vayasuku minchu kashtapaddadu... Nee desk job vadilesi janaalloki velli choodu. Dhoola theeripoddi politics...online lo noru paaresukuney antha easy kaadu. Even if jagan's win is genuine, why so much frustration ? Janam kosam party lu...not the other way around. This is the time for being more United and constructive. Failure always stressful and damages unity. Your post is an example.
  2. To be honest, no body has a solid clue why we lost and to that extent. He did his best.. didn't take a chance with any section of people. It's just people don't deserve him. Vajpayee was amazing. Both personally and professionally. People haven't given him another chance. Indians need their emotions and egos to be pampered more than Subsiding their hunger. Don't know how to help it. All i could say is we are lagging in manipulation. But don't worry. CBN is a quick learner. We will be back with a bang in 2024.
  3. True.. he is sensible and cool to some extent. Too worried about TN losing economically, culturally too.
  4. Hope CBN contests in TN. All our natural resources are exploited and TN is loosing in every sector. Next 30 years, it will be like Sudan. I was worrying about Modi coming back. He said, as long as you have CBN, don't worry about anything man... You guys are blessed. On a lighter note, he said 'we will kidnap CBN and give you back after 10 years'
  5. Endi west sweep aa.. chittoor 10 aa Cuddapah 4 aa.. As much as I like to see this, it's not reality.
  6. Ufff... Last 5 years em chesaadu Modi.. polavaram 70% ayyindi Capital construction brisk pace lo vundi 10lac houses constructed for poor Pension 2k given Villages lo Cc roads / led lights Pattiseema completed KIA, Foxcon, Hero, Isuzu.. ..... Should I go on ? There is a person who doesn't make excuses and the only one direction he ever known is forward.... and the name is C B N
  7. Lokesh gurinchi ikkada chaala mandi teliyakunda super matladuthunnaru gaa.. uffff
  8. Media, few colleagues and friends picha confident ga unnaru YCP payina... What could possibly go wrong with TDP ? Or they are carried away by media (because they are all in US)
  9. What's wrong in calling adhyakshaa ? Yedho ego satisfy avuthundi anthey... it's Respect for the chair. In administration, strategy, acheivements, everyone in this state is miles behind CBN including NTR
  10. Karma through KCR. Next time.. Karma through X for KCR
  11. Sarigga chesthey... desam lo kaadhu prapanchamloney peru mogipothundi.. US lo monthly $50 internet.. less than $3 in india.. imagine these as head lines in CNN & ABC.. Goosebumps already..