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  1. Ivanni lite... don't have any impact..
  2. GDP Rebound

    Very funny.. vunnadaanni chedathengi mallee akkadikey thechinanduku murisipothunna mee amaayakathvam vundi choosaarooo... Modi gaadi balam antha meelaantolley gaa..
  3. Lol

    Add River linking
  4. If BJP fails in Gujarath -- CBN

    3rd front kaadhu... NDA chairman ki chance vundi.. coz everyone hating Modi within BJP. Earlier he had people support. But now he is losing it bigtime. BJP in 2019 is not easy.
  5. Kcr

    Aa incident different. Its atrocious, unethical, illegal, unconstitutional and dumbest bill ever in India.
  6. Kcr

    ufff... veedi sollu inka alavaatu avvaledhaa janaalaki..
  7. Polavaram gone aa inka?

    Ivanni jujubi.... "UKKU SANKALPAM" vundi... CBN will take care... Inka baffas gurinchi forget... congress kanna dhaarunamga vodipothaaru... ee saari. We are lucky we didn't have to do anything to kill them. INC & BJP never ever in AP.
  8. Telangana lo nijalu.

    Ground level lo chaala vundhi Bro... media cover up lekapothey news channels lo thelisedhi.... adhi kuda manchidhey... kallu nethiki ekkanivvu...
  9. Telangana lo nijalu.

    KCR tho antha tough ga enduku vindatledu ani thittaaru CBN ni.. 1. CBN range & image ki its a downgrade.. 2. CBN fight chesey koddhi kcr ki support peruguthundi ... janam matthulo vundevaaru. We got to wait until they get down the high horse. Ippudu janam ey against gaa thayaaravuthunnaru.. One thing for sure... kcr & family are worried and started to become insecure... naaku 2019 kuda doubtey... if opposition come united with full force...
  10. AP fibre Grid project

    Sarigga chesthey... desam lo kaadhu prapanchamloney peru mogipothundi.. US lo monthly $50 internet.. less than $3 in india.. imagine these as head lines in CNN & ABC.. Goosebumps already..
  11. Tirupati smart city.

    Bochem kaadha..... heehee...