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  1. They are making it even easier for us. All we have to do is expose... looks like we are well behind...
  2. Two No confidence motions from ap

    OMG no one expected this... lol NCM is a step to create an anti-BJP environment across the nation...
  3. Jai dakshina bharatam

    Much better....
  4. Jai dakshina bharatam

    mari Gujarat diamond businesses ki anni incentives and industries enduko selavivvandi....
  5. Jai dakshina bharatam

    Couldn't agree more....But come up with more cheesy slogan... It should be catchy, revolting, spirit-lifting...
  6. Ktr view on AP politics

    Identi.... explain please..
  7. CBN Press meet started

    +1 Although i am a fan of CBN, inni samvathsaraalllo crispy ga matlaaddam nerchukoledu. Aa vootha padaalu maanesi straight point cheppaali... aa lekkalu, statement lu evaru vintaaru evaru choopisthaaru.
  8. 220 to 250 minimum bjp ki

    100 max.
  9. Siddaramaiah

    The slide of BJP starts with KA
  10. KA lo INC ki

    For BJP alone, this is close reality
  11. Is modi heading for resounding defeat in 2019

    ufff..... too far from reality. 100 dhaatithey ekkuva....
  12. Is modi heading for resounding defeat in 2019

    BJP alone < 100 - idhi fix I don't understand why rest of the BJP leaders are bringing him down.. although he is trying to suppress all others
  13. BjP AP KABJA PLAN - updated

    Yepp.. too dynamic everyday. Acting in timely manner fetches. Example KCR.
  14. Coming to bhajana... CBN lanti administrator ki kaakunda inkevariki cheyyali ? He is a walking university. I feel honored in doing that. AP(united) is blessed to have him. Pani chesey vaanni pakkana petti farm house lo beedeelu thaagey vaallaki cheyyaala ?