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  1. SeemaSatthaa

    కోలా ఆనంద్‌

    Veedu pedda rowdy... cable operator stage nundi careere start chesaadu.... Kalahasthi lo veediki janam baaney vunnaru..
  2. SeemaSatthaa

    Jagan Champa Chellu manipinchina Lady

    Yedho pooyadaaniki anukunta... ilaantivi lite theeskondi back fire avuthaayi.
  3. SeemaSatthaa

    Kc chekuri counter to gvl

    I exactly feel the same about this guy. You put it in better words. I think we should make him talk more. Can be advantage for us.
  4. Diversity ni accept cheyyatledu.... adhey kadha baadha. Andukey India should be separated antunna. Hindi has been made almost mandatory for surviving in central politics. After Modi's era, I started to realize how dangerous it can be for the country if one party wins with huge majority. Also, i am inclining towards Socialism.
  5. They are too many loop holes in the constitution. It is not tailor made for our country's Social and political culture.
  6. CM might pick them like it is the case now or not. That might need a deep discussion though.
  7. People will be happy being liberated than being discriminated and bullied. Most North Indians don't have empathy towards South India (Don't show examples of your colleagues who are otherwise. They are just 1%. rest of them don't understand India like their prime minister). They have zero knowledge on what we go through and i don't blame them either. My point is, always Hindi speaking people has adavantage irresepective of their capabilities. Separate South India has nothing to do with what's happening in Karnataka. That's altogether a different issue and we have to fix the constitution even if we are seperated.
  8. Ee MLAs ni konadam ammadam galeez ayipoyindi system. Direct elections ki vellali. The great ambedkar should have thought about this instead of just copying stuff from other constitutions. Elect you CM directly Elect your PM directly More over, India should be divided into at least 4 different countries like North, East, South and West. It will chop off the language barrier. If not, CBN should start something like "South India Federation" to fight for our share and rights irrespective of the parties.
  9. SeemaSatthaa

    Govt employee about the TDp

    100% true. Sagam mandhini replace cheyyali.... Young and rich people ni dhinchaali...
  10. SeemaSatthaa


    ee sollu soku ki em thakkuva ledu..... publicity thappa paisa paniki raaru... janam observing everything.
  11. SeemaSatthaa

    Jena Sena to contest in all 175 seats

    You sure... ? 😁
  12. SeemaSatthaa

    Jena Sena to contest in all 175 seats

    JSP + YCP - Jaggu has too much ego to accept alliance or another force in the govt. JSP independent / JSP+YCP - Either way its cake walk for TDP. Thanks PK.
  13. SeemaSatthaa

    Richie Rich

    Absolutely nothing wrong with it. At the same time, you have to watch what you speak and preach as well. The problem is hypocrisy.
  14. SeemaSatthaa

    REAR pichodu

    Mother nature ki em sambandham... destiny kadha.. uffff...
  15. SeemaSatthaa

    Manam mallee gelusthaamaa???

    Social media anthey bro... take it easy. Ika community ni hate chesevaallu emi peekaleka SM lo ego satisfy cheskuntaaru.. ground level lo easy win.