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  1. https://twitter.com/hashtag/2DecadesOfNTREra
  2. Rajamouli is misrepresenting the character of Khomaram Bheem to prove that he is top notch director- A stupid attempt. He is not invincible. He better correct it while still is in formative state. It may damage the movie to a large extent, that will also dilute NTR Jr performance. Rajamouli should give the character played by NTR Jr a different name and avoid misrepresenting Khomaram Bheem. https://www.patrika.com/bollywood-news/controversy-over-look-in-director-rajamouli-film-rrr-6498888/
  3. A country that has more politicians than real bread winners will get poor. And this forum is one of them. More politicians of Babu than fans of Nandamuri hang in this forum
  4. Brother Teaser 2 Voice over is un-impressive and diluted NTR Jr's excellent visual presence, and so why do we need the 8D Audio? Try to have 8D of first Teaser 1 where NTR Jr voice-over overpowered the visual presence of the other actor. In Teaser 2 the style has been copied syllable for Syllable from Teaser 1 voice over. No actors can be of equal caliber. Rajamouli Best actors first choice has always been NTR Jr and he has said in very clearly in his interviews many times.
  5. Rajamouli is a Bigg manipulter, He & Prabhas made Bigg bucks out of it In the recent Teaser 2 that he released in Bigg Haste on October 22, 2020, he instead of putting highlight on revolutionary Komaram Bheem he plagiarized NTR's Hyderabad style Muslim look from Janatha Garage. He should realize that no two actors can be of the exact same caliber. He plagiarized NTR's syllable for syllable voice over from Teaser-1 in Teaser-2. By doing so he has diluted NTR as a artiste to low levels. Agree NTR Jr as Komaram Bheem sneaks into Nizams palace but that look does it have to be exact as in Janatha Garage? Rajamouli if you say that the story is total fictional then avoid using the historic names Alluri SitaRamaRaju and Komaram Bheem in the movie. Why not name the characters something fictional then would not get resistance or lawsuits? You would lot of effort being resistant. Rajamouli stealing ideas for Bigg actor NTR Jr is not appreciated. NTR Jr please hesitate to do such sections we fans of both NTR's do not care who the director is? Anna NTR and Jr NTR fans condemn this attempt.
  6. Where you have included politics in Chatroom stabbing happen. Did we not get that from the murder of Anna NTR still.