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  1. It is true but Jagan media and supporters will promote these are yellow media propaganda. I think local TDP leaders and cadre need to explain this to local people instead of media. What ever it is with out people realization nothing can be done. I request CBN to work behind stop coming infront of camera , JC diwakar gave useful advice but here no body will take good advice.
  2. Tg people treating what ever KCR takes decision it is good for their state, they won't object , KCR is like a god to them.They like kcr family because of their vocal and good communication skills.
  3. BJP 's organizer news paper wrote an article to support Amaravathi and against to Jagan 3 capital move. https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2020/1/28/Tughlaqi-Jagan-.html Telugu version: https://telugu.oneindia.com/amphtml/news/andhra-pradesh/rss-official-paper-organiser-sensational-article-on-cm-jagan-administration-in-ap-262450.html
  4. People like leaders like Vijawada MP Nani. I appreciate his efforts and work towards development.
  5. Somehow he became king of Telangana. No party can close to you KCR/KTR. People continue support to TRS after 6 years also. I doubt any time near future this will change. I must acknowledge his intellectual ideas to attract people. Every step people are supporting him no negativity against him. He is great Telangana leader forever looks like. I personally don’t like but People Telangana believing no alternative other TRS.
  6. Jandhyala Ravi Shankar talked about Ap24*7 with Venkata Krishna and Professor Nageshwar gurinchi, these days Venkata Krishna moved to YCP earlier he was doing meaningful debate but suddenly he changed his voice and supporting YCP. Inka Nogeswar he has some ill feelings towards TDP and CBN. He supports KCR and Telangana naturally, so he hates CBN. He supporting YCP as expected.
  7. Personal view is winning 2024 central elections for BJP is not easy, never encourage pk, YCP may give tight fight to TDP because Reddy + SC+ minorities support. Only option for TDP is mature neutral people + hard core TDP fans + BCs, really TDP should work hard now to attract BCs. Finally worry is BJP can try hard to stop TDP growth. This is my view. TDP should try post poll alliance in 2024 to form government. This is only viable solution.
  8. I worked on management level, i know how it works, please stop sharing negative thoughts on layoffs , if it is performance lay off then this will not be big. Please think rationally.
  9. One thing I like from Jagan is he doesn't accept speaking against to him and his party decision if any body does that immediately he will take action on those leaders where as CBN doesn’t take action, so TDP party leaders not worry about it, see Ganta Srinivas he is speaking freely about capital, but no action on him where as Jaffa party no one is speaking against 3 capital decision. People very well known attitude of CBN and Jagan. TDP keep on saying discipline where as Jaffa like Dictator he rules all party leaders, still political leaders are with Jaffa which I don't know what he has special things compare to CBN.
  10. Jaffa started counter strategies I see RK started rally against to Amaravathi in capital region, surpringly some people are following him. If there is strong will in their places how can local people come for rally which is really not understandable for me. Looks like some Amaravathi region people are against this.Truth god only knows.
  11. IVYR expected Brahmin corporation, as it is given to Malyadi vishnu, he changed his tone on YCP, but we cannot trust this guy any more.
  12. GVL said it is AP BJP political decision not central decision, NtV scrolling lo vesaru . So don't believe GVL, looks like he is supporting YCP decision internally. So far central did not say anything on Amaravathi. So far central BJP stand is not clear. I expected some reaction after Venkayya visit in AP, he said he would convey amaravathi farmers pain points to Central, no much response from Central.
  13. Yesterday ETV 9 pm news AP NGO vice President gave statement we support CM's 3 capital. We move to any place for AP development.
  14. Chittoor district only some areas benfited like Tirupathi, near Satyavedu(Sricity) nothing else. Not only CBN but also YSR and YCPall parties are cheating Nagari people. No use voting to Roja I keep telling to our area people, but as you know people believe negativity easily. Only I have soft corner towards CBN is he has some vision and he convinced many parents to educate their children.
  15. I can understand the other districts but I don’t know why Guntur and Krishna districts people voted in favor to YCP which is still big puzzle for me.