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  1. When TDP was rulling they gave most respect to YCheapee, no cases are proved against them, they successfully conveyed to people those cases are not valid cases before 2019 elections, because TDP rulling time those cases are not proved, this is major promise of TDP before 2014 elections ,so some neutral voters also believed YCheapee in 2019 elections, TDP always speaks in front of media about their corruption, but YCheapee is conveying to AP people even TDP also corrupt by arresting the TDP leaders, If TDP is not careful this may lead to big problem. I personally feel TDP lost the gold opportunity when they were ruling. As usual YCheap not only speak they are showing their power, they also hired IPAC team again, they realized importance of them. I think TDP will face many challenges till 2024 elections. TDP should hire intelligent people to counter YCheapee tactics and strategy. I don't any action plan from TDP other than giving statements infront of media., I know some percentage AP people doesn't use common sense and they blindly believe what ever YCheapee leaders and their media communicates , that is most frustration point.
  2. Suman TV social media also YCP supported people interview post chestundi.