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  1. @Saichandra, We had a long discussion in the last month and shared the Arji number, but still, I will share the details, Nara Lokesh keeps ignoring us instead of multiple tweets.
  2. But you cannot punish us because of that useless MLA, people are suffering. Then what Central government (BJP) is doing on AP, the same thing you are doing against us. Don't forget Roja won just around 1000 votes majority, so TDP also got good vote share.
  3. This is where the problem exists, vallu fail ayaru kabatte , memu ma voice ni raise chestunamu. Meeku inka kavali ante number istamu, entire village youth phone numbers.
  4. I hope you read my comments I mentioned social media and all forums whatever we can we did it. I posted in our forums multiple times, surprisingly this road has been sanctioned 4 years back. No further action. I am in US. Really my villages are suffering a lot due to this road problem. I can share my village members phone numbers. IF anybody having good contact with TDP, please do this favour, the entire village will be grateful to you.
  5. Hello, I totally disappointed with TDP government, even though the entire village is fighting for the road, our village is total support of TDP, Government is ignoring GN Kandriga village road problem in Nagari constituency. People are supporting in this forum TDP. Even though we complained to all forums including social media and called 1100 number. I lost my interest in TDP government. Nara Lokesh is not considering our village problem. How can our village support TDP? TDP is loosing like this. https://www.facebook.com/prasad.g.779/videos/2156428981040922/