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  1. Twitter Batch

    Thank you brother, I am in US. I will ask my friends to call 1100. I really appreciate if you can ask Lokesh garu to look into it on urgent basis. I sent one more twitter message to him.
  2. Twitter Batch

    Sorry I am not in INDIA right now, I am in US, I posted in Twitter Yestarday as well, My name is Hemadri and our village is GN Kandriga, Nindra manadal, Near Nagari, Chittoor District.
  3. Twitter Batch

    Being strong TDP base, please resolve the issue asap, otherwise we may loose some vote share. This is important TDP party point of view.
  4. Twitter Batch

    Thank you guys for your support, really our village people are frustated, YRCP started telling if we would have in power , we would have solved your road problem. They are spreading roomers.
  5. Twitter Batch

    Folow avuthunamu , no response , we are kind of disppointed with AP government.
  6. Twitter Batch

    Nara lokesh being Panchayati Raj minister, if he is not responding , how can people accept him Youth Leader, You need to judge what need to be considered what need to be ignored otherwise you are also one among other normal politician. See Youth minister like KTR respond to important tweets. People would have appreciated as he would have responded to this genuine Thar Road problem. Framers and school students struggling due bad roads. Thsi is basic expectation from Government.
  7. Twitter Batch

    CBN and Nara Lokesh never respond to our twitter. I posted genuine our village road problem , Thar road is sanctiond 5 years back. No body is concentrating on our village problem, I twitted even Collector also. But we need to support CBN. Our entire village people supports TDP , as it is comes under Nagari assembly , we are felling totally neglected. I have no expectation on ROJA.
  8. Balakrishna's Bhale thammudu movie

    Please upload the Balakrishna's Bhale thammudu movie on youtube. I did not see this movie. REPLY