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  1. Andirki band padutuvundi, don't ignore your side.
  2. meeku na response sarigga artham kavadam ledu anukontunanu, ofcourse it is very bad, of cource we are all not happy, RRR situation is pathetic. CBN should have acted in his ruling time, we all have happy situations now. AP situation is very bad, directly or indirectly AP people also responsible in a way.
  3. Mee parti ni ucchapoistunadu, mundu aa vishayam maravaddu, mundu mee parti ni kapadu kondi, ikkada batch Rajula gurinchi matlade hakku ledu. First solve your problem. Don't corner our community. We don't belong to any party. Last election lo kamma valle votlu veyyaledu, so don't ask other community. Emi peekaru rulling lo vundi that means he got good certificate from your leader, how common people will believe your party words on corruption, mee party head valle present situation, see how your enemy is using his position, your party is in life and death situation, don't forget it.Our time ba
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