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Industry mottam NTR.. NTR ani japam chestunna ee time lo....   of course mee andariki telise undocchu... teleani vaallu telusukondi... ippati varaku.. Industry lo "NTR... The Best" ani cheppina, che


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The Only Hero In The History Of Indian Cinema Who Created Industry Records At The Age of only 20years...

SIMHADRI-175 DAYS-52 Direct Centers On December 30,2003(At The Age Of 20Years 7 Months 10 days)-Still Unbeatable Record

100days-October 16,2003(At The Age Of 20years 3 Months And 27 Days)-148 Direct Centers....

The Only Star Hero At The Age Of 25 In Cruical Part Of His Film Carrerr He Stopped Shhots And Campaigned For A Political Pary Against The Ruling Party With Out Caring Negative Effects In Carrerr....That Is His Dedication And Dareness........

Inspite Of Another Opposition Party Which Got 16% Votes All Over The State And DIvided Anti-incumbency Votes He Campaigned In The Area Where The Same Party Was Very Strong And Got 25% Votes In 5 Distrcits Where Many Ex Mlas Joined In That Party From TDP.....Finally With His Great Oratory Skills Made People To Think About Th Great SR NTR Three Times CM Of Ap and Contributed TDP To Get 31% Votes Still In Many Problems In The Places Where he Campaigned .........

He Contributed TDP Alliance To Win In 12 Mla.1 mp seats Where He Directly Impressed The People...
3.Vizag East
Khammam Parliament .....

The Only Present generation Hero Who Can Impress All Sections Of People Class,Mass,Youth,Families...

The Only Hero Who Dances Fast Without Missing "GRACE" In The Face........

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1.BRAHMARSHI VISWAMITRA in hindi version not yet released In telugu version it ran 50 days in 6 centres and collected share of 2crores.

2.BALARAMAYANAM it ran 50 days in 20 centres collected share of 5 crores.

3.NINNU CHUDALANI it ran 50 days in 15 centres and collected share of 2 crores.

4.STUDENT NO.1 it ran 50 days in 73 centres and 100 days in 42 centres and 175 days in 1 centre and collected share of 10 crores.

5.SUBBU it ran 50 days in 12 centres and collected share of 6 crores.

6.AADI it ran 50 days in 106+15 late release 121 centres and 100 days in 96 centres and 175 days in 3 centres and collected share of 20 crores.

7.NAAGA it ran 50 days in 117 centres and 100 days in 8 centres and collected share of 12 crores.

8.ALLARI RAMUDU it ran 50 days in 106 centres and 100 days in 10 centres and collected share of 13 crores.

9.SIMHADRI it ran 50 days in 191 centres and 100 days in 150 centres and 175 days in 55 centres and collected share of 26 crores.

10.ANDHRAWALA it ran 50 days in 5 centres and collected share of 8 crores.

11.SAMBA it ran 50 days in 107 centres and 100 days in 5 centres and collected share of 15 crores.

12.NARASIMHUDU it ran 50 days in 2 centres and collected share of 7 crores.

13.NAA ALLUDU it ran 50 days in 4 centres and collected share of 10 crores.

14.ASHOK it ran 50 days in 83 centres and collected share of16 crores.

15.RAKHEE it ran 50 days in 111 centres and 100 days in 13+(17) shifted 30 centres and collected share of 20 crores.

16.YAMADONGA it ran 50 days in 405 centres and 100 days in 57 centres and collected share of 35 crores.

17.KANTRI it ran 50 days in 112 centres and 100 days in 2 centres and collected share of 25 crores.

18.CHINTA KAYALA RAVI (cameo role) it ran 50 days in 15 centres and collected share of 10 crores.

19.ADHURS it ran 50 days in 155 centres and 100 days in 15 centres and collected share of 26.45 crores.

20.RAMA RAMA KRISHNA KRISHNA (voice over) it ran 50 days in 52 centres and collected share of 12 crores.

21.BRINDAVANAM it ran 50 days in 158 centres and 100 days in 11 centres and collected share of 32 crores.

22.SHAKTI it ran 50 days in 11 centres and collected share of 21 crores.

23.OOSARAVELLI it ran 50 days in 7 centres and collected share of 28.06 crores.

24.DHAMMU it ran 50 days in 25 centres and collected share of 34 crores.

25.BAADSHAH it ran 50 days in 60 centres and collected share of 57.3 crores(still running in 36 centres).

*NTR is the 2nd hero to entre into 20 crore club after NBK.

*NTR is the 2nd hero to entre into 30 crore club after chiranjeevi. 

*NTR is the first hero in TFI for running all his movies towards 50 days atleast in 2 centres.

*NTR is the record holder for maximum run of 50 days centres (405 yamadonga).

*NTR has a record for 5 concecutive films run for 50 days in 100 plus centres.uniqe record.

*NTR has a record of 5 concecutive 100 day run in atleast in 2 centres.

*NTR has a record for running 4 films for 50 days in 150 plus centres. uniqe record.

*NTR'S 10 movies had ran 50 days in 100 plus centres. NO hero had this record in recent past.

*NTR'S 11 movies had ran 100 days atleast in 2 centres.

*NTR has record for maximum no release theatres in TFI (oosaravelli 1800 theatres) still unbroken.

*oosaravelli is the only movie in TFI that released in south africa.

*oosaravelli is the only movie that released in 45 theatres in london.

*Kantri is the only film that shooted in south africa.

*Baadshah is the only film that collected 65 lakhs share in chennai in telugu version.

*NTR took only 6 lakhs for his debut movie now his taking 18 crores next to rajini in south india and higest paid actor in TFI.

*NTR acted in 138 songs in his movies and we can see fab dance movies in about 100 songs.

*TIMES OF INDIA published an article about NTR that he is next Mega star of tollywood in 2003. He is just 20 then. 

*The screen name of NTR in for dubbed films in north india is mega star NTR. 

*CBN-IBN reports that NTR has great following after rajini in south india.

*NTR holds record for non stop dance of kuchipudi at a stretch of 18 hours at the age of 15.

*NTR has a record of collecting 34 crores for flop talked movie(dhammu) in TFI. 

*The higest buget movie in TFI-Baadshah 52 crores.

*NTR is the only Indian hero to blast industry hit at the age of 20.

*NTR has 3 silver jublee movies.

*NTR'S Simhadri is the only film in the india no no whole world to run 175 days in 55 direct centres.

*NTR'S balaramayanam is higest grosser for child movies in India.

*NTR had special following in orissa, karnataka, tamil nadu and japan irrespective of cast and creed.

*NTR suprassed Rajini in following in japan.

*NTR is the only hero in india to get huge mass following at the age of 20.

*Sattelite rights of baadshah is highest in TFI 8.25 Crs..!!

Credits-- Fan from FB..!!

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