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***** Calling "ANDHRA PRADESH EMPLOYERS" *****


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Before i start few stats :(Rough Estimates in all major cream layer sectors like IT - Electronics - Pharma - Manufacturing - Marketing - Banking - ITES and others)




****Private Employees working outside Andhra Pradesh?(Rough estimates) - who are native of AP state****



Hyderabad city - 10 lakhs 


Telangana - Hyderabad + 2 lakh - 12 lakh


Bangalore - 10 lakhs


Chennai - 6 lakhs


Mumbai - 3 lakhs


Pune - 1 lakh


Kolkata - 50k


NCR DELHI - 2 lakhs



Overall around 40 lakh people are working outside Andhra Pradesh within India - 8 percent of the state population. 


The above mentioned figures are approx and not accurate.






Apart from the above stats the main intention of this thread is :


Example : any employee who is paying an income tax say one lakh is remitted to the central government account. Later the central government return 25 percent to the respective state where the respective tax holder belong(state).


In this case the central government would consider the PAN CARD Address as the destination. If your Address on the pan card is -say in Hyderabad because u are working there and u have an own house so u were continuing your communication address there - in that case your 25 percent of the income tax paid by you goes to the Telangana government -so any one in Bangalore too having their address on pan card in Bangalore -then 25 percent of your income tax share goes to Karnataka government.







Okka HYD loney IT employees 5 lakhs above unnaru who belong to AP state 


Just imagine prathi IT employee is paying one lakh odd income tax on an average(on the lower side) and 25 percent of the tax paid goes to NON Andhra Pradesh government - ie... 5,000 crore's and dhanilo 25 percent anthey 1250 crore's on the lower side ......


40 lakh employee anthey - 10,000 crore's - on the lower side 


In case mana AP state vallu valla PAN card paina unna address Valla native places ki marchukunthey mana Andhra pradesh state ki per annum vachey additional income.





Hope u guys understood what can be done -as a part of our contribution to our AP state - which is facing a hard and tough situation.


Let us join and start this campaign and spread this message all across social media and other means.


All we need to do is change ur address on ur PAN card - a very easy task .... 




Facebook - Twitter - other socail media lo undhey vallu - Join this campaign -spread this and andharu marchithey over the period of 5 years lo meru kattey taxes thoney mana Rastra rajadhani kattukovachu ......


ledha 5 years lo meru kattey taxes valla oka 5 chinna mid size ports kattukovachu and malli employement mana rastram loney create cheyachu .... mana rastram progress ayye kodhee meru bayata nundi mana rastram ki tondargha vacheyvachu ...





Dont use any political tags when u campaign ....


Nothing to do with political parties 


Idhee mana rastram kosam cheyandi


spread this and meeku out of state unthey marchukondi ...







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