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  1. SS supporters morale was killed on the day they went with NCP and congis, SS karyakartas are ideologically very near to BJP in central , SS was established not as a party it was like lok satta in andhra which is developed as kattar Hindu party with Marathi Ashmita in later days under balasaheb.
  2. Next election uddhav and his penguin evari party nunchi poti chestaru , car symbol paina na? Cycle symbol paina na
  3. As our Venkayya garu always say dynasty is always "Nasty" , this is a master master stroke , all dynasty parties in india will be feeling what have u done Oh my mota bhai ..
  4. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.republicworld.com%2Findia-news%2Fpolitics%2Fcm-uddhavs-cabinet-renames-aurangabad-as-sambhajinagar-usmanabad-as-dharashiv-and-more-articleshow.html&h=AT3fzZ7OXc3R5eeu64LfE_QE3pZemRa0cAgxGR2QEUmaFP-5xnEi8bm6GOH9S4HDwkZe3PZJp4a2DANjqkvB3C2u5eFffICTG-CG_U-HczbNqWABk43tfn3N0_G4K5Xtzqx_aMd-5q1XagK8Ps6S
  5. Ikkade ee DB lo oka commie person called ramjsiddhu or something unnaru, aayana prati roju Hindu scriptures and hinduism paina visham kakkuthu posts ese vaaru appudu emyyindi brother ee preachings, didn't u feel that N fans doesn't have any hindus ? First nannu annaru., Nenu emannano chupimane sariki others antunnaru, I have no hatred on anybody or anyone, naa religious feelings ni okaru target chaina feel avvanu, am always open to debate on it. Ide thread lo Manudharam gurinchi evaro post pettaru, even today am ready to discuss, dantlo manobhavalu debba tinadam emundi?, I respect when other e
  6. History of India that you read in schools is based on christian pundits who tried to fit in Indian history into their 6K years theory , they created a theory called Aryan invasion theory to fit in christian timelines into indian history.
  7. U may agree on scientific things but what's fed to u as history in syllabus in ur school of is of 6k theory which is developed by church, hope you are atleast aware of it.
  8. Then y to post regarding religions here?, And asali nenu adigedenti neeru cheppedenti?, U made some allegation on me and my posts, when I ask you about that u say something else. Leave annai, this is Nandamuri fans DB not tdp political forum, N fans can be any where.....If you feel that this should be renamed please rename political discussions section as TDP forum please.
  9. Boss please wait, can you show me one post of mine which spreads hatred in this thread. And also show me one post on CBN which i got before someone has alleged me on my party tag?, In case if you can show i would apologise right now and here. In same way can you garuntee me apology from people who scold, tag us as scums with reason that we support BJP in every thread ? Btw nenu ee roju secularist Ani చెప్పుకోలేదు, to respect ones ideology it's you and ur party who pretends to do that.
  10. Sir we completely respect and understand ur feelings and priorities of you and your party, in case if you are not intrested in religious talks please keep away from these kind of threads. Everybody would have their priorities and feelings you need to respect that too, but looking everyone in paty eyes and tagging them with party tag is really bad this hampers good discussions hope you understand. Ee thread lo daani guru cbi matladandi, no one will have problem, but prati thread lo ide sollu won't do gud for anyone. Pakka valla priorities ni valla ideology ni accept cheyyadame secul
  11. Brother completely agree with you on this, if you have really good intentions on these issues i would be more happy, naa varaku naaku kavalsindi evadu ee party ki support chestadu anedi kaadu, but how much are they aware of things like this anedi more important. Supporting jagga from back end is 100% wrong and I comdemn and agree it too.
  12. @GOLI SODA anna entha mandi hinduvula houses lo Manu dharmam books unnayi? And entha mandi hindus follow avutunnaru? ASALU kaliyugniki parasarasmrithi annadi matrame valid smriti ani telusa meeku? , Asalu hoe rationale is it to compare it with other books which are considered not to live with...Am open for discussion on Manu dharmam , if you want it.
  13. Ebbe meeru specl status ivvaledu, meetho matladadam endi u gujju boot lickers antaru .
  14. Inko 1 year avutadi symbol issue mugiyadaniki
  15. Govt dissolve cheyyaru, cong is not in a stage to win more than 5 mlas, they will not allow uddhav to do that. And that will be most stupid decision if they gonna make it, BJP and shinde camp will get bumper majority .
  16. నేను మాట్లాడింది మాత్రం మతం గురించే, అది కూడా ఇంకొకరు అడిగిన ప్రశ్నకు సమాధానంగా, మీరే jagga meediki topic divert chesaru to cover up facts i produced. Pls check the posts on what I replied .
  17. Okati chepta vinandi brother, ee Raajakeeya party unna valla votes kosame , ee roju veera hindu party ani cheppukuntunna BJP kuda enno states lo endowment department sommunu dengestundi, i strictly condemn this and I fight against it in my own way. Coming to mass conversions i know what BJP are doing on larger level https://www.devex.com/news/in-india-ngos-face-funding-bans-reel-under-strangulating-laws-102404/amp So they are never equal to italian bar dancer in this issue.
  18. Calling paki supporters who said hindus are not fleeing away from pakistan because of threats.
  19. ఓయబ్బో ఎదో పచ్చళ్ళకి ఎదో గుడుల పైన హిందువుల పైన పెద్ద ప్రేమ ఉన్నట్టు చెబుతున్నారుగా, అసలు మీ(మన) హయాంలో గుడుల నుంచి దోచి మైనార్టీ సంక్షేమానికి పెట్టినప్పుడే ఎవడు అడగలేదు గాని ఇప్పుడు ఎదో పెద్ద హిందూ సంరక్షకుల లాగా హడావిడి ఎందుకు బాబు , మీ బాబు తో జత కట్టినప్పుడు కూడా మా బీజేపీ ఏమి మాట్లాడలేదు అప్పుడు మరి గుడులలో డబ్బులేయడానికి బయపడలేదా తమరు , am again asking how can center stop a state sponsored scheme , తెలిస్తే చెప్పు DLMS వద్దు. హిందువుల పైన రోజు జరిగే దాడుల పై నిద్రపోయి, హిందువుల సంరక్షకుల లాగా హడావిడి చేసే పచ్చళ్ళని అసలు లేపలేము గాఢ నిద్ర నుండి. One straight question , MO
  20. Anduke ippudu MLAs valla mahima ni chupincharu.
  21. మొదటి ఫొటో లొ శివాజి మహరాజ్, బాల్ ధాకరే ల ఫొటోలు లేవు శివసేన MLA ల తిరుగుబాటు తరువాత నిన్న శివాజీ మహరాజ్, బాల్ ధాకరేలు గుర్తుకు వచ్చారు ఉద్ధవ్ ధాకరే కు.
  22. No action taken on 6K to posters ah?, What xxxxxxx right has central to stop this , you are saying that jagan is doing this what difference could have CBN brought here?, I have attached ur own TDP manifesto of 2019 where he promised increase of allowances to Moulanas, and mouzims ....They used to give it in 2014-2019 too, appudu bayam veyyaleda hundi lo dabbulu veyyadaniki? Either its jagan or CBN or BJP i won't trust any govt or party when it comes to usage of endowment money, బీజేపీ ని మోడీని కూడా ఈ విషయంలో ప్రశ్నిస్తాము ఈ విషయంలో, మీ పార్టీ అధినేతలని ప్రశ్నించే ధైర్యం ఉందా హిందుత్వ కోసం మీక
  23. Ant women fans kuda intha feel avvaremo ...Mee swami bhakthi Amogham
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