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  1. BIG BREAKING: Rajasthan local satta bazar has given shocking signals to BJP. INC : 116 BJP : 72 OTH : 12 Ashok Gehlot schemes & Sachin Pilot appeal among masses will win it for Congress. If it comes real, BJP is set for humiliation in 2024 Loksabha. Ac to Satta Bazar,Congress leading by 2% in vote share. INC : 46% BJP : 44% People were writing off INC in Rajasthan last year after Gujarat defeat, but ground reality is far different.
  2. రెస్ట్ తీసుకుంటారా? కోర్టు హాలులో ఉంటారా తీర్పు సమయంలో అని జడ్జి గారు చంద్రబాబుని అడుగుగా ! మీరు అనుమతిస్తే ఇక్కడే ఉంటాను అని బదులిచ్చిన చంద్రబాబు !
  3. 409 సెక్షన్ వర్తించదన్న ఏసీబీ కోర్ట్… 🔥🔥🔥
  4. Pray god... let him alive till elections...
  5. Survey: TDP‘s Comeback In Stronghold Dist The latest survey viral on Social Media in the Ananthapur district. In 2019, YSRCP won 12 Assembly segments out of 14 and won two Parliament seats. As per the latest survey which was conducted in August’2023, TDP has managed to win 9 Assembly seats and YSRCP is able to win just 3 segments. Dissidence in the YSRCP cadre against MLAs brought about this situation. YSRCP would likely win the Ananthapur, Guntakal, and Dharmavaram segments. TDP is going to won Tadipatri, Singanamala, Uravakonda, Kalyana Durgam, Rayadurgam, Hindupuram, Penugonda, Raaptaadu, Kadiri, Putaparthi and Madakasira. NBK is going to win this time with a huge margin. Jana Sena has got the highest 9% of votes in Guntakal which is the highest for JS in the district. Assembly Segment YSRCP TDP JanaSena Ananthapur 47% 42% 7% Tadipathri 44% 49% 3% Singanamala 41% 54% 2% Guntakal 44% 41% 9% Uravakonda 47% 49% 1% Kalyana Durgam 44% 52% 1% Raya Durgam 47% 48% 1% Hindupuram 38% 56% 3% Penugonda 42% 52% 2% Raaptaadu 46% 52% 2% Dharmavaram 45% 40% 3% Kadiri 44% 50% 2% Putaparthi 45% 50% 1% Madakasira 42% 53% 3% Varadapuram Suri made a huge impact on Dharmavaram segment. He split more than 10% of TDP votes which causes YSRCP to win easily. Read more at: https://www.m9.news/politics/survey-tdps-comeback-in-stronghold-districts/
  6. అదృష్టం ఒకేసారి తలుపు కొడుతోంది... దరిద్రం తీసేవరకు తలుపు కొడుతూనే ఉంటుంది...
  7. Congress unnecessarily interfere in YS family issues.... AP people who are settled in Telangana have some positive towards INC.... assuming that INC completely against Jagan... if they feel they were wrong it will damage Congress prospects in Telangana
  8. ippudu ivanni maarchukodaaniki malli queue lo nunchovaala.....
  9. With this development, Congress lost the chance of winning Telangana on it's own...
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