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  1. 1 hour ago, aditya369 said:

    Any stats?

    I am in Education Sector...JEE and NEET.... enrollments in coaching centres darunamga padipothunnayi..( Not aspirants)....Rajasthan KoTa, The Capital Of Indian Coaching Losts it's glory...we are expecting pay cuts in this sector in next quarter....first time in 13 years of my career ( COVID is an exception)...last six months antha elections Hadavudi...now situation is getting clear...we are in Recession.


  2. 5 minutes ago, uravis said:

    very risky as fine is hefty. 30k claim chesthe 60k kattamantunnaru.  many in my office suffered. especially few people who claimed 1l etc they were asked to pay 1.80 back.  as they used that money already, had to take personal loan and pay which is again hefty interest. 

    So i decided not to claim anything last year also and following same this year. 

    My office is also sending warning messages that avoid false claims, else will faces issues due to strict govt laws now. 

    Oh k

  3. 4 hours ago, uravis said:

    Done . Not claiming anything as sal itself is low and they told what ever small tax I paid , if claimed will be scrutinized 

    Not every ITR its based on CASS an alogorithm by Computer 

  4. Gosala: 13 KM from Benz Circle. Vijayawada East Bipass Will Not go through Gosala as alignment changed . It will be from Davuluru toll plaza ( 20 KM from Benz Circle). Patamata, Kanuru, Poranki are Saturated. At present happening areas are Penamaluru, Gosala, Kankipadu which are between Bipass and Benz Circle. In Gosala before election 20 to 25 K per sqyd. Now 35 to 40 K running. Safest place to invest near NH-16 areas.I bought 2 BHK( 45 lacs) and 3 BHK ( 60) lacs last year. At present 60 lacs and 80 lacs running. Upcoming five years are golden period.

  5. 2 hours ago, krishna_a said:

    North ki leak cheskunnara or south ki iccharaa? We demand paper to south also. 
    south is already educated so we leak to north ante , we don’t accept …. To dear Gujju batch with love ❤️ 


  6. 37 minutes ago, ravindras said:

    గర్భగుడిలోకి నీళ్లు లీక్ అవుతున్నాయనే సమాచారం అందుకున్న అయోధ్య రామాలయ నిర్మాణ కమిటీ చైర్మన్‌ నృపేంద్ర మిశ్రా ఆలయాన్ని పరిశీలించారు. తక్షణమే మరమ్మతులు చేయాలంటూ అధికారులకు ఆదేశాలు ఇచ్చారు. మొదటి అంతస్తు నుంచి నీరు కారుతోందని, ఇది ఊహించిందేననీ, రెండో అంతస్తు, శిఖర నిర్మాణం పూర్తయితే గర్భగుడిలోకి వర్షపు నీరు లీక్ కాబోదని ఆయన మీడియాకు వివరించారు. ఆలయ నిర్మాణం ఇంకా పూర్తి కాలేదని, మొదటి అంతస్తు నిర్మాణం కొనసాగుతోందని వెల్లడించారు. జులై నాటికి మొదటి అంతస్తు, డిసెంబరు నాటికి మొత్తం నిర్మాణం పూర్తవుతాయని ఆయన పేర్కొన్నారు. 

    Then why they open temple ....without completing...NEET Paper Leak, NET paper leak and now Temple roof leak.

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