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  1. Ituvantivi chusinappudu spyder lo Surya character gurtostundi..😁
  2. Did they spend in last general elections? These kind of reasons for only self satisfaction bro.. valla aastulu emanna rasivalla.. just konchem moral and financial support. If majority of these mla faces are not changed then no use..
  3. Social media peak lo use chestadu.. good morning dharmavaram ani every day people tho interact avutadu.. not sure what tdp is doing to try atleast..
  4. Thanks brother, Nice to meet u.

  5. Tarak Rokzzz...

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  7. ha ni pic kindha buddodu ani undhi enti?

  8. Buddodu Rokzz....

  9. Tarak Rokzzz....

  10. Bridavanamadi andaridi eee govindudu andari vadelee....NTR Rokzzz...

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