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  1. TDP close chesthey they can benefit in 2 states. Thats why they are doing this. INC narrative is a joke….
  2. Can’t blame voters here. Fake votes, form 7 deletions and EVM meeda suspicions unnayi elagu…. How come you believe fair elections ?
  3. Pushpins and Jaffas are Zombies in our world. They just lick their masters and care a damn for their state! BJP already started to take control on judiciary. Collegium meeda attack anduke start chesaru. CJI appointment kooda racha chestaaru…. The compromise of judiciary is final nail on the coffin for another emergency to this country.
  4. What about other Indians (if any) who could be stranded in that place ?
  5. Vadu edhi chepthe daniki exactly opposite untundi action
  6. Ah chilikuru balaji temple priest anukuntaga Jagga ki favor ga edho matladadu before 2019?
  7. Mana parents generation lo “Indira is India… India is Indira” aney false narrative tho janaalni VP Lu chesaaru…. Mana generation lo “Desam Kosam Dharmam Kosam” aney fake narrative tho janaalni VP Lu chestunnaru…..
  8. Will Bodia remain silent for 50+ days just like Manipur ? #justAsking
  9. This is what I felt. Manipur lo ladies ni parade chesinappudu our DB members took sides. Ekkado Israel lo same incident jarigithe “blood boil” avtondanta pichi pushpins ki……
  10. Who stopped others ? Well…. every country has WC as priority. Only India has good pool of capped players, and we can actually send 2 teams for WC.
  11. Kharma antey idey…… iDream Suman GA without sugar anamaaata manollaki
  12. Cricket in Asia games picha lite…. Only India has capped players in the eleven. Rest of the sides are ju ju bee…. WC lekapothe, Asian games is almost equal to Asia cup. Future lo Asia cup ettesi, Asian games ki full strength teams ni pampaali….. But they don’t do it as millions are involved from TV rights of Asia cup.
  13. Not me or Chandas……
  14. Ah anchor evaro telusaa ? DB lo one of the…..
  15. iDream and Suman TV ki regular ga istaaadu manam adigithe edo oka reason cheptaadu…. We have suspicions from few months…..
  16. Unofficial emergency lo unnamu…. Huge voter fraud going on in broad day light….. CEC sleeping and will simply say sorry in courts!
  17. Koduku IAS avtunnadugaaa…… premium posting kosam ayyavaaari paaatlu
  18. Roju suprabhaatam laaa vintannavaaa endi ee daridranni?
  19. Lite teeskondi….. don’t give too much attention for him. Back ground lo hard core anti TDP vallaki gattiga pedutunnadu Pawala and Nagabob. They understood the necessity of alliance. Veedi dailogues lite teskondi
  20. @Rajakeeyam banners kattale Ontorio lo eepatiki
  21. US folks - did you get your coin ? I placed my order on Aug 30 and no updates so far
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