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  1. Gif maaarchu….. ahem…. Username marustaaav anukooo Malli…..
  2. Not discriminating one against other. but padayatra will be more appealing to masses than cycle/bike/bud yatras…. My personal opinion though…..
  3. It’s not insecure….. padayatra lo oka oppu ostaaadi….. cycle yatra antey…. Chain padinaa….. tyre puncture ayinaaa….. gaaali poyinaaa…… edava nasa….
  4. Appatloo Muhammadian rulers and Britishers dochukunnaru….. eppudu Gujju Monarchs dochukuntunnaru!
  5. Good dedication from this batch… politics aside, Jaffa ki against ga Velladam antey not that easy…. most of them has police cases….
  6. Paada yatra is the only popular thing….. cycle yatra antey Tyre puncture ayinaa, chain padipoyina ready ga untaaaru trolling ki…..
  7. Now DB Bhakts will be busy in calculating 67+92+25…. If it comes 184…. Damn it! if it misses, then they will unite and rediculate!
  8. Let’s see…… I don’t have any expeditions this way or that way. As long as the immigrants are not harassed, I am fine with red or blue!
  9. Economy is never his priority….. he didn’t kill the economy like Jagan. Corporate tax incentives ani sollu cheppadu…. Cut chesthe by the end of his term, unemployment peaks ki poyindi….. I respect Republican Party values…. But Dump is bulldozing GOP and spreading bull crap!
  10. US will go for dogs! Dump gaadi psychopath fans are treating his above law! That’s not good for any country!
  11. Anta scene illio….. Hillary Clinton ni presidential race lo eskunnadu….. acid washed her server ani….. eeediki and eedi supporters ki nijamga asuddha bhakshakulu….
  12. Min 2 lane estaaarugaaa…… antey 3595 kms antey inflated number aney kadaaa….. concealing more than it’s revealing!
  13. 3595 —> we know how this number is calculated. A 6 lane highway for a stretch of 100 kms means 600 kms of road built
  14. One person will save Hinduism or Hindutwa… this statement itself is like derogatory to Hinduism or Hindutwa on a whole! Our religion is pretty old ani cheptaaam kadaaa….. it stood many such things over the period and will sustain and survive.
  15. B0di power loki vachaaaka ilantivi chaaalaaa ayyaayi….. UPA2 time lo nanaaaa hadaaavideeee chesaaaamu andaram….
  16. Dandaaalu doraaaa…… 2012-2016 madhya super positive ga unna eeedi meeeda….. my FB posts praising Modi are still hitting me back!
  17. Next term vachaka Adani or Ambani ki ammestaaadu le…
  18. He he….. Rupay will also charge hefty once it is fully monopolized!
  19. So he changed National emblem without any discussion or rule making ?
  20. I am joking le bro…. Don’t take it in wrong way.
  21. Oka kotta ID vachi back cheyyatam….. eeeyana good analysis bro ani anatam….. teda ga ledu ?
  22. Joined their session….. felt good until last minute. On closing day, they ordered us to chant Jai Gurudev multiple times a day! Oka salam kotti exit kottanu…. US lo billions worth unna ashrams unnayi….. biggest scam eeyanadi along with Jagge Vasudev….
  23. Decoit gadini venakeskostunnaru without any mind!
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