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  1. China lo lock downs valla imports percentage taggi untundi…. Danni mana khaaata lo eskundaaaam….. mana verri pushpins untaaarugaaa zeee huzooor anadaaaniki…..
  2. Baffas jokes are never ending!
  3. Where are DB pushpins who chanted “we want more Bandis….”
  4. When BJP takes action against freedom of speech (desa droham cases veyyochu) mana candidate loose talk ni SC dobbulu pedithe…. Same BJP guys cry about freedom of speech!
  5. It’s ok…. I only meant that Lagada thing….. take it easy…..
  6. DB pushpins chant “we want more bandis”
  7. Na lagada lodhi…… eyyanni lagada tho polcahaaavaaa ? Jail lo esi kummindi eeyannaaa Lagada na ?
  8. Joined spaces one day and came out….. edho time pass laagaaa anipinchindi…..
  9. Dharmam killing etc movies loney untaaayi…… mana vyavastha chachubadipoyindi post 2014 gradually. Power lo unnollaki systems are doing lal salaaam like never before. When you curb the voices who generally raise when things are going south, this is what you will eventually end up.
  10. What do you expect from drama artist!
  11. Deposits kooda raaaledu….. Malli DB Bhakts day dreaming that BJP will be a force in AP soon!
  12. Accent and fluency Discovery channels, animal planet lo atten borough videos choosinaaa vastundi….. grammar and diction are the key.
  13. Still DB Bhakts bluff! Siggundaaaali YCP tho inthalaaaa pooosukuntunnaa inkaa Bodia gadini enakeskuraataaaniki…..
  14. Inthalaaaa dorikesaaav….. May be because of over confidence!
  15. JS and TDP separate ga chesthey, gaddam gadu JS candidate ni konestaaadu….. JS and TDP kalisi poti chesthey, hard core kops May vote for gaddam and easy win for him. only solution is —> JS kanaka strong candidate ni pedithe gaddam will lose….. Pawala poti chesthey super untundi…..
  16. ISB lo seat vachindanta last year…. Edo course chestunnadanta
  17. Link tho vastaaadu wait cheyyi….. pichi covering okati chestaaadu….
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