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  1. Rohit Sharma chaala laavu ayyadu….. face too fat and too lazy while batting
  2. 2 sessions aadithe chaalu….. at some point of time England bowlers will give up
  3. He may score a hundred today. Looking good as of now (after initial hiccups) but he has lot of flaws. Not worth to be no 3 in all Conditions
  4. Elections tarvatha eedu YCP loki velladu. Looks like pre-planned and well scripted event. Or else why camera will only focus on him ?
  5. Strict family planning girl education tax payers Ilantivi south strict ga implement chesindi kabatti country develop ayyindi. Malli Bhakts chidatalu kodataaru…..
  6. Antey Modi raaka mundu Gujarat lo Diamond merchants, gold imports, binning mills levaa enti ? This Moron diverted people in the name of Hindu Muslim and never improved the education and health sectors.
  7. Don’t try to act over smart. State itself is a unit. And writing huge paras don’t make a lame argument powerful.
  8. Edupu mohaaalaki questions kooda edupulu laaagey kanipistaaayi le…. Can’t help!
  9. Wondering, 2014 nunchi Advani was a mute spectator in Indian politics. All of a sudden 2024 lo gurtuku vachinda or else it took 10 years of Godhi’s rule to understand this person deserves Bharat Ratna ? Vajpayee ki ivvataaniki ayana kaalam chesentavaraku aaagaaru…… Vajpayee ki ichina next year ivvalsindi or along with Vajpayee ichi unte baundedi.
  10. Ahhh……. Intlo 5.1 pettaka choosina first movie. Can’t wait for its sequel. Ivaala Malli repeat estaaa Jailer 1
  11. Sollu aaapu saaaaamy…….. BiMaRU states independence vachinappati nunchi max budget pindukuntunnayi…… malli sollu cheptaaaru development avtundi eppudu ani…..
  12. Ahaaa……. Gujarat lo education percentage entha ? Women empowerment enta ratio ? Govt hospitals situation emiti ? 3 decades nunchi Bodia rule kadaaa…… kastha seppundri…..
  13. Antey Republic day ki Talibans ni pilicharu le….. Bodia is busy!
  14. Gil will not stay long on Intl scene. Ball swing ayina, seam ayina, spin ayina, slow ayina he cannot play. It’s proven in Eng, WI, SA and recent home series
  15. AP lo govt vastundi antey Chiru pavan Nagababu andarikee okko bharata ratna istaadu Bodia gadu
  16. Terrific innings. All other batters….. please have some shame!
  17. Sare…. Kastha deep thought taravatha another response….. asalu 2014 lo BJP ni power loki techinde valla election promises valla (reduction of petrol, diesel, cylinder, regular commodities etc) Meeru marchipoyaremo…. But Nenu marchipoledu!
  18. Manchi question….. developing countries lo intha laa cost of living and unemployment vere e country lo ledu (take avg instead of numbers as we have more population)
  19. News bayataki raaneyyaru unless England cricket team or English media reveals
  20. Pro Hindu agenda valla Hindus ki enta use ayyindi ? Cost of living taggindaa ? Jobs perigaayaa ? Health care emanna periginda govt sector lo ? emanna pandemic vastey, gantalu kottandi, deepaaalu pettandi antaaaru kaaani no use!
  21. Eng first batting sesi untey 450/6 on day 1 annattu undedi…. manam almost day 2 tea varaku Aadali or else gone case…. if we get all out less than 400, innings defeat on cards
  22. Maaa ittam em eekkuntaaarooo eekkondi (ekkadoo vinnattu undi kadoooo)
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