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  1. It’s not about people voting. It is misusing institutions during election time.
  2. KS Prasad gaadiki undi post TDP win….. ayinaaa veeedu anni dulupukoni tirige type. KTR ki flute oodadu until 2023 elections. Eppudu Revanth Jai antunnadu
  3. TDP can revive in few pockets and become a king maker. But you need proper leadership for that.
  4. Pentapati pullarao also in this debates…… hmm
  5. Noted. Results roju matladadaaam
  6. sskmaestro

    Jr Feku

    https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4kZvuauA5c/?igsh=ZGYzaXFuNDNhZGNz eedu 4 am ki lechi yoga sestaaadu ani for chesaru kadaraaa…… mana batuku antha fakes meeeda depend avvatame
  7. e patiki oka link raavaaale……
  8. Bees release pheromones when they are attacked or feel threatened. The unity of other worker bees when one bee raises this alarm is outstanding! we all know how crows are united in danger, bees next level annattu
  9. A very good story point in LL! shows how backward Hindus are in north India. on one hand we oppose Hijab, but North Hindus force musugu on the face of married women!
  10. Not against PK. Any party other than Jaffa is good for the state. We need to have strong alternative. But PK don’t have the gas in the tank to work on ground level continuously. 12 years avtondi party petti, still no grass root establishment. Let’s see if his party will contest in upcoming panchayat or municipal polls. Vaadu 21 seats ki oppukunnadu ante ne, he realized the reality. He definetly has good future if he really works hard to keep his party active on ground level. Else, assam!
  11. If you observe, every pushpin will tell us how many accounts are opened. But nobody dares to provide a white paper on how much money is deposited into those accounts. ofcourse, our highly educated fellow will now come with a link where Modi says X carod deposited during some election rally. These fools can’t release a white paper!
  12. Proper ga systems work chesthe country will prosper. Unfortunately, center lo Modi gadu vachaka propaganda meeda invest chestunnaru to catch up to the trend. Chaduvukunna sannasulu kooda ji hujoooor ani porlu dandaaalu pedutunnaru. Hope this cycle ends after BJP loses power in center on Jun 4th results day.
  13. For example, take below things he handled 1. Uddanam kidney issue - did he make a follow up in last 5 years ? He did lot of noise when TDP is in power. Where is a follow up on this from him or his party ? 2. Round table conference - he conducted a round table conference with intellectuals and came up with some numbers on how much AP has to get from center. He is in alliance with BJP post 2019. Where is progress in getting something ? 3. Vizag steel plant - now he is actively supporting Vizag steel plant and went against center’s decision to privitize. As he is BJP’s alliance partner, why couldn’t he get an assurance from central govt on this ? ilantivi chaaaala untayi. Power anedhi mulla kireetam. That’s why even the 151 seat Jagan has to face a huge slide down the gutters.
  14. Depending upon dynamics. He may not differ with us. Because, he will go back to one or two MLAs with it. He may enjoy playing second fiddle for couple of terms. Post CBN’s active political career, he will differ. but I don’t think he will be in politics beyond another 5 years. remember one thing, even his fans will be frustrated and get vexed with him within another decade. After winning as MLA, he should perform and do something good. That’s like a knife hanging on his neck.
  15. Avnu…… EC IT CBI ED power choopinchali antey ah state lo BJP ki opposition space undali.
  16. RSS ni eppudo mingi dobbaru le….. RSS is a dummy organization which is filled with Gujjus
  17. Center will ensure high court order is implemented in state ah ? eedu HM ettaaa ayyadu ? Is this state subject or center subject ? Mallaaa ah link ekkada eyyatam…..
  18. Abboooo……… manchi tag lines istunnaru gaaa maaaku for June 4th
  19. Will connect well to true Indians!
  20. Neeku special ga last one hr lo expectations cheptanu 125+
  21. Singapore govt tho tie up ayina Amaravathi ni padukobettadu Gujarat kosam. Malli eedu eedi bhaktulu kaburlu cheptaaaru
  22. Pushpins…… meeru free falling lo unnappudu mee aaartanaadaaaalu…… Repu Power pothe mallaaa kotha tammudu kottha ID anukunta
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