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  1. Chintamaneni prabhakar vargeeyulu pettaru ani talk
  2. Ah papa valla father and that little one, iddaru chakkaga kolukoni.... Post operation issues emi lekunda happy ga undali
  3. Start chesi land aquization ni states pai ruddutaru....
  4. 8 lane road is better.... The only reason.... Manollu real estate chestaru lanchalu ichi.... Malli expansion antey kastan avvuddi
  5. Thatha gaaa adukku tinu..... Nee videos US lo janalu chudakudhaa??
  6. Next year june end ki prakasam fill ayyelaga plan cheyyali....
  7. Pattiseema tho continuous ga pump chestaru Krishna Delta ki.... We do not store this water, infact we use this water for irrigation purpose, filling whatever ponds that benefit, and also drinking water purpose....
  8. Whats wrong in doing pooj and opening ceremoney for a project that is not operational round the year?? Whats your problem with that?? All along the right canal people are lifting water to their ponds and canals using motors.... Till last year there did not witness such a thing in their life! Even in Krishna dist, people started naarumadi in July.... Just because of the hope that Pattiseema water will come to Krishna
  9. Hyd waste.... Vizag-Amaravathi-chennai Vizag-Amaravathi-Banagalore Above two routes better
  10. This year anandi.... Kharif and Rabi ani rendu seasons untayi..... 80 tmc in kharif alone is not possible i guess?
  11. Adhi reality ki dooram bhayya.... Govt hospitals modernise chesina andulo reservation tho jobs vachina vallu complete dedication iyyaru..... System antha corrupted ga undi.... Army ki leni reservation, doctors ki enduko....
  12. Ivala paper lo chusa.... Paapa operation postpone ayyindanta.... Valla father liver part istanannaru,,.. But he is diagonised with fatty liver.... Ayanaki fatty liver taggaka chestaranta
  13. You cant expect any justice as the country is ruled by poiticians and not statesmen...
  14. Dolphin aquarium initiative super! We need more such attractions
  15. PPT unteney pani jariginattu ani kondaru DB pundits feel avtunnaruga mari....
  16. Antey maro 3 to 4 days lo lift start chestara??
  17. Mundu Vizag ki raniyyandi..... Alu ledu sulu ledu son name sirangeevi laga undi
  18. Per your details.... State govt has created 64,300 jobs in private sector.... Ofcourse they will be shared across country, however all these 64300 employees will stay in AP so it will boost other sectors....
  19. 50 crore mokkalu natadam antey ground level lo chala corruption jarugutundi..... Better concentrate on a group of mandals.... Where CM can monitor regularly.... Increasing greenery is a never ending process.... Which should be done incrementally
  20. Read somewhere that they are planning on same lines from Rajiv Gandhi Park to Durga Hill.... I doubt if it is feasible??
  21. Good... ISKON temple ki baaga reach untundi.... Will boost tourism
  22. Good decision! We need good attractions within BZA.... Cricket grounds can wait... They can be at the outskirts
  23. It is clear.... South lo language centric states paina savathi prema chuputharu.... Ilanti worst behaviour will lead to disaster
  24. We are moving in that direction.... Polavaram dam is the only solution.... Manam one by one kattalsina situation lo unnam...
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