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  1. Anni right wing candidates ki vaataaa undaa enti ?
  2. This thread clearly proves, Baffas - they may be “highly educated” but they ended up with mental slavery! Adaaani prAdaaani…!
  3. An Andh Bhakt buying Adani shares is no different than a Jaffa buying Jagan’s shares!
  4. How many people will lose jobs in India due to this ? How many families will collapse…. Evil game! Just for power!
  5. A day will come when Adani will take loan and buy LIC cheaply….. look for loop holes in the policy agreements and show empty hands!
  6. Maa team member unnadu ee quota lo….. 😂
  7. Loans against what ? Don’t give half answers when you want to blindly back him!
  8. My bad….. I quoted wrongly…. I meant to quote Tatas….
  9. Bhayyaa…… everybody knows how he acquired all these….. vaaadu emi innovative person kaaadu moyyataaaniki….. just a broker!
  10. UPA time lo Jagan gaaadi growth lekka undi Modi time lo Adaaani gaadi growth!
  11. Mundara port sea power plants —> ilantivi mana GVK GMR lanti vallu kooda chestaaru…. multiple sectors lo business expansion ki loans against what? Daaniki answer emiti?
  12. Which ports did Adaaani built ? Can you list them? Does those ports show him that he is worth to lend 1.98 lakhs of crores post Modi became PM?
  13. Dhirubhai Ambani Jamshedpur lo steel plant petti develop ayyadu….. tarvatha croney gaa maarinaaa…… he has proven himself as an entrepreneur…. Adaaani gaaadiki emundi (PRadaaaani tappa) ?
  14. Edo oka bank cheta thousands of crores appu ippistaaadu le…… don’t worry…..
  15. 2.1 trillion consolidated debt….
  16. There are many things to be unearthed. My brother is a banker who worked at higher level…. Chaala unnayi….. naaaku artham kaaavu ah technical terms….
  17. Ok….. Lokesh paadayatra antey kontamandiki kadupu manta vastunnattu undhigaaa…… more than Lokesh, I feel this event will create buzz in the party cadre and leaders. YCP will instigate people like Nani and Vamsi to foul mouth….. there could be stray incidents as well, like throwing eggs etc., but Lokesh already showed lot of maturity in responding to instigative-incidents in the past.
  18. Analyst interview ah….. inkaaa Sirio gaaadu selfie video release chesaademo anukunna
  19. Lokesh should use this….. perfect comparision
  20. Double engine sarkar’s main intention is to drive away the investments in other states towards Gujarat at faster pace! That’s what’s happening in MH and KA!
  21. So Gujarat only went to 100% after Bodia is FeeeeM for 7 years ? Antaka mundu 3 terms SheeeM ga em eeekaledaaa ?
  22. Alaaaagey undu….. inko few years lo WhatsApp university lo oka pic vastundi….. IIT lo ee Kurrodu top ani….. reason Bodia ani kooda untundi….
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