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  1. Fake FB posts ni pattukocharaa.... why they eh hell Brahmins believe YSR? He is a Christian... ee chinna logic ela miss ayyaru??
  2. I completely agree with your point. But we cannot increase green cover with these trees
  3. Cheruvu gattu meeda beauty trees enduku annai?? Emanna high way center lo vestunnara endhi!
  4. Why are we obsessed with desert species ? Ekkada chusina palms pedutunnaru...: it won't be useful for any one!
  5. My only wish is CBN regulates the agricultural land rate! Real estate Potta nimpadam tappa normal farmers/future farmers ki Agri lands rates ekkuvaga undatam valla use ledu... Some may say, ala chesthey raitu potta kottinattey ani... Raitu ki produce meeda ladham raavali kaani.... labham kosam polam ammakudadu.... Unemployed/uneducated youth kuda agriculture vaipu ravali antey land rates bhareega taggali.... raitu pandinchina panta ki saraina gittubatu dhara raavali! Edo oka chinna aasa!
  6. CBN eh meeting ki poyina villages lo Deni gurinchi gattiga cheppali.... janalloki baaga vellali ee feature.... more than mileage to leader/TDP, it will help one poor soul from losing life!
  7. Diguvuna unna manam kattalsina projects ki eguvuna unna TG objection endhi.... vinta!
  8. Water edo rakam fa techukuntunnaru bro... tankers or motors or bores etc etc.... I mean raithu avasaram aithe okati leka rendu tadulaki kharchu chestunnaru..... but they are unable to fetch the prices they deserve! Ala ani end consumer ki velley product value ekkada taggatledu....
  9. Enni anna cheppandi middle men unnantha varaku agriculture chesey vyakti srama ki 100% nyayam undadu
  10. Last month maa relatives vellaru.... full janaalu unnaru and also severe water problem!
  11. Limca books Loki ekkadam edaite undo that's a slipper slap to JP.... jaffa is always a Jaffa.... ee JP chala pressmeets lo Pattiseema ki anti ga matladadu... shame on this xxx
  12. Hero motors ani raayandi saami.... Hero ani chusi mana N heros lo evaru invest chestunnaru anukunna
  13. Godavari-Mahanandi link vache varaku we shouldn't give Godavari water to chennai....
  14. Oka doubt, prastutam unna canals rendu vaipula piece piece reddy gadu vado time lo B-forms istam vachinattu ichi sachadu.... racha racha avvuddemo
  15. Asalu maza June-2017 lo untundi.... when we start transferring water from Godavari to Krishna early
  16. Came to know that brahmin sanghams are giving pensions for old brahmins who do not have any income... good way to go....
  17. Dont worry guys, krishna delta farmer knows the valie of pattiseema....
  18. Godavari lo flow undi, manam pumping mid june lo start chesthey, gravity tho krishna and guntur farmers ki water andataniki 10-15 pattinaa.... that will set a new benchmark for krishna delta farmers.... every year july first week ki naatlu modalaithey(generally farmers will plan to transplant crop by the time they get first water).... this whole chapter will go with golden letters in history books!
  19. Krishna guntur and west lo metta prantalaki krishna river meeda dependency ni oka rakamga poorthiga tolaginchina project pattiseema! Next two seasons chala important for tdp.... Kind of test match lantidi adutunnadu CBN.... day 4 and day 5 kosam wait chesinattu.... Next two seasons kanaka krishna and guntur ki june lo water ivvatam start cheyyagaligithey..... and when krishna has some water in september, if we can divert to seema.... tdp sankalpam success ayyinattle.....
  20. By 2020 if i can directly land in gannavaram airport from dubai/abu dhabi then i will see this as a great achievement by the govt i voted for years!
  21. Hmm..... eh matram positive news ochina bharinchalekunnarugaa ..... swamulu.... edanna project jaragali antey ilanti news thoney start avtayi.... one by one jarugutayi.... pipeline lo undatam lo tappenti??
  22. Well.... I am a brahmin and I am happy that atleast some if the poor ones will be benefitted. And i am sure that those whi benefited will dont forget the favor done by govt. But govt should publicise this scheme in a different way.... pratee temple lo banners pettandi.... brahmins andaru chala frequent ga temple ki veltaru especially ladies.... Glad that CBN is trying to wipe off some of the bad remarks Brahmins have on tdp...
  23. Well.... these drones will be beneficial for a section of farmers who are well educated (i mean when you compare to the 'common farmer' in village who just knows how to read and write Telugu) and are into agriculture out of passion.... Oka samanya raithu ki drones vadatam antha easy kaadu....
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