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  1. @subbu_chinna bro…. Many of our folks have given their valuable feedback and no offense…. but anything related to immigration, consult some good law firm and decide your options. Ah tarvatha maaku kooda share cheyyandi……. These laws may sometimes change which people don’t know unless you are a good immi lawyer. Good luck!
  2. Ok. Then they will refer to CJI who will take 3-6 months to form a judicial bench due to roster availability
  3. Vaadu bayata undatam anedhi and also being eligible to conduct in elections anevi BJP mistake babai….. you can’t just run away from that.
  4. Judiciary bench ki direct chestaaru ani naa feeling. They want to keep this one boiling for few more years. Just politicians things
  5. They are decoits! They know they are doing greater harm for future generations of Hindus, but still they are hell bent on their Godhi agenda!
  6. 4 sankaracharyas boycotted the event accusing Modi that he is using this for personal mileage and political thing. And also, how come Modi do the main kratuvu ?
  7. Sollu gallu….. mana DB lo pushpins maaadiri weak minded fellows who can buy easily into their narrative
  8. 4 sankaraacharyas told they won’t visit the event as Bodia is using it for purely politics….. updates lo ivi leventi Keeeyam?
  9. Intlo pasupu biyyam kalipi fake publicity chestunnaru
  10. Church lo pastors kanna ghoram ga selective ga post ki reply ichi brainwash chestunnav gaaa…. asalu maa state ki ee daridranni antagattindi mee party kaadu….. Malli ekkada edava buildup lu ivvamaaaka…. nee appaa baaava naaatakaaalu aaapu inka
  11. Good Project if it is bi-lingual with NBK own Tamil dubbing
  12. కొత్త గిత్తలు వచ్చాక ఎంత అందంగా ఉన్నా, ముసలి ఎద్దుకి కాయ్ కచోరీ తప్పదు
  13. Asalu Nikki kooda same Indian origin ani ee Vivek gaadiki telusoo ledo 🤣
  14. Backend deal lekapothe fair elections undavaa ? So far YCP lo for ga cheyyaledaaa by keeping chamchas in EC ?
  15. Topic is not about better death. Unnecessary stress over period of time will increase the chances of a potential cardiac arrest. And also, too much stress will lead to improper life styles and obesity
  16. Cancer vastey kastha batakochu bro…… extra stress valla you have high risk of cardiac arrest.
  17. Pebbi and Sirio are 100% using CG work for body and face.
  18. This time all these dramas don’t work
  19. max CG lo u taaadu Mahesh….. dubbing emo elagu ah Jabardasth vaadu cheptaaadu max movies lo…… inkemi expecting ?
  20. Anthaa baane try sesaaav kaaani Mahesh and PK ki biggest markets daggara dorikesaaaru sir!
  21. Madam posted when she is on a high?
  22. Arey M0bbesh gaaa…… rendu sarlu chinna heroes tho champalu vaayinchukumnav….. Malli nuv superstar! Neeku ee DB lo filters maaa Kharmaki…. brahmotsawam <<< Bichagadu Guntur Karam <<< Hanuman
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