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  1. Dandaaaalu saaaami…….. iPAC tamaru penchi poshinchina snake kaaadaaa ? BJP neeti budagani iPAC blast chesinda leka mee uttara bharateeeya leaders blast chesara due to nexus with KaChaRa family? mareee intha bujji kanna laaaga unnare!
  2. Indians evaranna Modi ni emanna antey desa drohis. @Rajakeeyam aka Canadian citizen Canada PM ni eki paresthey….. Democracy and freedom of expression. #Hippocrates
  3. Entha walking chestunnaru….. dinner and breakfast ki enni hours gap undi…. Entha quality sleep vastondi….. entha water drink chestunnaru….. all these are the first things that matter and food is the second thing to discuss. Unfortunately, most of the commercial-media diverts our attention and make food as primary thing to worry about.
  4. Matter artham kavatlaaa…. It’s just a jhumla…. Every Indian who turned as Canadian citizen will have this card. Including Sikhs! Canada nunchi India vachey whites very less!
  5. Anthele….. Canada vellaka ilaaa illegal panulaku alavaaatu padataaremo….
  6. Ippudu Mana DB lo Canadian citizens plus veera bhakts ki Indian Visa raadaaa ? #justAsking
  7. Don’t believe this BS bro….. none of them predicted covid. Edho self-confidence ki boosting kosam ok kaani, jaatakam bagundi ani legs chaaapukoni kursuntey raaasulu raaalavu. Alaagani jaaatakam baaledani mana pani manam cheskuntu potunna results mathram vastaaayi…..
  8. Ah ammeeee eee ammaagaaa Malli puttindaaaaa ? #jejayyyaaaaa
  9. Ayyaaa….. meeru AP lo power bills kaduthnnaraa? Ask any of your friends who consume liquor in AP. Recent ga house construction cheskunna vadini adagandi entry extra cost ayindo….. roads Elaa unnayo common man ni adagandi….. ilaa chaaala unnayi….
  10. Janallo kavalsina momentum undi le….. it’s now the job of MLAs. case will be quashed in Supreme Court finally. (HC quash chestundi ani hopes levu. Oka vela quash chesina Jaffa will go to SC) two things from that moment. 1. Public wave batti Jaffa may step back. CBN and Lokesh will continue their batting in public. 2. Jaffa most probably will arrest CBN and Lokesh also this time and it will be more unrest in state.
  11. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/indian-visa-services-in-canada-suspended-amid-huge-diplomatic-row-4409620
  12. They want to try different players even at the stroke of WC. Antha Dravid gaaadi insecurity…..
  13. There are multiple things here…. YCP will call the shots unfortunately. 1. taking CBN into CBI custody. Ofcourse, this matter will end up into Supreme Court 2. arresting Lokesh and Aachen Naidu in same sections. It’s straight fwd for them as lower court will be given the reference of CBN example and will ask court to do the same for the other two. 3. Resolving govt when these 3 folks are in jail and cannot come out. 4. Silently double and triple the fake votes. 5. make public engaged to their analysts in YouTube.
  14. Where is so called Seema Tiger and oora mass leader Paritala sriram ? Ekkada news raaledu…..
  15. Link plz…. Want to download and save this…
  16. Akkaaaa…… Nee korika neraveraaaalaaa…… naaa asthulu ammainaaa neeku runam chellinchukuntaaa
  17. What is definition of sanaatana dharmam? Those who support or oppose, doesn’t know the definition, but take sides!
  18. Spin tracks or slow tracks istaaaru….. it’s easy to prepare those…. Dharamshala okati pace undochu
  19. Bokka le….. cover drive endi ? Maa RRR lo iddaru heroes and one heroine unna…. Ram and Bheem annaru….. meeru Mee illusions
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