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  1. Undedi.... manam todina water ni Dora lagewadu
  2. High time we have to build dams with in AP.... it could be far away from regular river, but that's the only way fwd as the river bed is already enriched with farm lands
  3. East west Krishna ni kanaka yearly 3 crops consistent ga yield chese laga plan seskunte AP revenue ekkadiko eltadi
  4. Polavaram vastey year round water eltundi kada?
  5. Is this the same pond which looks barren beside NH?
  6. P a n d i...( yield) ani raasi untaru.... Danni varaham ga anukoni xxxxxx ani petti untundi
  7. During my great grand Father Time, he used to send paddy on boats on eluru canal... my father was remembering his childhood days yesterday and brought this discussion. Glad if we see water transportation back
  8. Is it practically possible to built aquiduct on Krishna river? What happens if we get a great flood in Krishna?
  9. Govt hospital ki to and fro vehicles free ga undali.... Free ambulances, talli-Bidda expresses and maha prasthanam vehicles... abundant ha untey bauntundi
  10. Silent voting untundi east west krishna and Guntur lo...
  11. Back to back 2017-2018 June last week kalla water release cheyyali krishna delta ki....
  12. Avnu bro... but works next summer ki kaani start avvavu antunnaru
  13. Avnu annai.... missing those a lot....
  14. My home town Telaprolu.... everyone full happies....
  15. Waste abba ee kambhampati ni debates ki pampatam
  16. Adhey kada bro.... this year and next year is key w.r.t pattiseema.... seema ki water ivvagaligithey chaalu
  17. ee paatiki DB lo janaalu edavaale okatisari..... rendosari.... moodosaari ani....
  18. Corporation valla chala mandi needy ki use avtondi.... manchi eppudu eh Tupam lo chesina manaki positive eh avtundi.... there will be bad eggs in every basket!
  19. So bad bro.... thought them as fake FB accounts as Jaffas are every where.... never mind!
  20. Fake FB posts ni pattukocharaa.... why they eh hell Brahmins believe YSR? He is a Christian... ee chinna logic ela miss ayyaru??
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