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  1. KA numbers choosaka kooda nammutunnara?
  2. They are citizens le…… arrest and 10k bail bond meeda vachestaru….. worst case edo oka ground level job cheskuntaru for few years and come back again after getting this cleared from their record….
  3. So only Iran lost money and Israel didn’t lose a penny while intercepting ? emanna sides teeskuntunnara mana Pishpi batch….. 300+ missiles and drones ni intercept seyyataniki pette effort kuda financially equal if not more that that untundi…..
  4. VK and DK are the only guys playing consistently for RCB. Can’t find fault with them.
  5. Very pleasant video! Nice to his his big smile.
  6. TDP didn’t handle him properly. Ah Moggalo BJP ki anni seats ichi ilanti candidate nunchi seat lakkotam darunam. we never learn!
  7. Akkada WC ki poster boys kinda Rohit and Kohli ni use chestunnaru….. money overtakes all talent ani prove avtundi again…. If Rohit and Kohli don’t play this WC, stadiums half empty ayyi utter flop avtundi…. expanding to North America is super important than ever given the no of picha Indians here who will buy costly tickets and watch the game…… #moneyMattersInSportAfterAll
  8. Hardhik gadu IPL complete aadataaadu…. Later on WC lo Malli break down avtaaadu….. somehow lost respect on this guy.
  9. Slowly we should have below plan. as 20-20 WC happens every 2 years. Blindly pick the players who performed back to back in 2 IPLs before the WC. that way, the inform and fresh legs will be fielded for the WC. And IPL will have full meaning.
  10. 1999 and 2019 lo Pakistan ni choopinchi gelicharu…. 2004 and 2024 will be same!
  11. He he…. 2019 lo manam Pakistan peru cheppi gelisaaam….. adi cheppavugaaa
  12. Last lo real Jagan vachinappudu super undi scene
  13. Undavalli won second time with a slender margin due to Anaparthy. nallamilli ki biscuit! somi reddy ki ticket….. endole
  14. 4k for woofer, Martin Logan speaker and reciever
  15. Winter time lo guests raaarugaa…. Spring lo untaaru
  16. Naa family room lo 5.1 pettanu (Martin Logan speakers, SVS sub woofer, Denon reciever). Samsung 85 inch TV. now we are able to watch every weekend. Covering all OTT movies one by one. Night time room dark chesi choosthe full theater effect vastondi….. worth the money invested. next target is theater room 7.2 may be year end or next year project
  17. He is puppet of Modi…. BJP join ayyaka he started supporting this alliance in AP
  18. Next in line few more neutral intellectuals will come to support
  19. Corporates don’t understand public issues. They are good in articulating in parliaments and understanding economy and other stuff. Repu Malli inko tughlaq govt vastey hands up antaaru
  20. Weekend eeyana tho interview undi…. So has to change our questions 😂
  21. kootami 120+ MLAs and 18+ MPs. (Dont want to edit later)
  22. BJP ki kastam ee sari….. meeru we post paiki lepandi post results
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