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  1. right..i didnt see drains in pics.. now it makes sense
  2. Hi, I have registered too many days back still my account not approved?

  3. hi, i registered 4days ago still my account not active, pls activate.

  4. that is not true.. If Babu wanted Lokesh in politics, he would have encouraged him from long time. He has no clue now...on how to take it forward... he just hoping things work out..
  5. Mulayam manchi pani chesadu, right time lo side ayipoyi...It is not so easy for people to do it in life.
  6. Correct gaa ne chepparu Anna gaaru.. But that is life. i dont see it as negative complement, if whole episode is seen, not in idealistic terms, but practical terms.
  7. Aurangazeb is correct word for CBN.. He worked his xxx off like Aurangazeb and when the succession time came, he fought for his rightful dues and took it. This is what triggered Aurangazeb: Shah Jahan was outraged to see Aurangzeb enter the interior palace compound in military attire and immediately dismissed him from his position of Viceroy of the Deccan, Aurnagzeb was also no longer allowed to use Red tents (an imperial prerogative, which Shah Jahan handed over to Dara Shikoh) or associate himself with the official military standard of the Mughal Emperor.[9]
  8. ofcourse its human psychology.. Aurangajeb voorike puttada... Aaadu kastapadi war gelusthe Father decided to sideline him.. History repeats in every village and every other family..
  9. as you can see, peddayana on the left, full kattedu..
  10. Old fellows antha oka gang..including CBN.. they are blocking like a check dam.. Sad but true..
  11. ila vuntundhi general ga pancha..seema lo
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