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  1. prasad0

    kumara invite cbn

    Tomorrow 10.30 am babu landing in Hal Airport ✌️✌️
  2. easy victory to limbavali its like kanchikota for him
  3. prasad0

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Mana vallu chasaru chittoor zp chairman Chandra Prakash nd ikkada blore lo builder's joint ga doing
  4. prasad0

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Fix no toll
  5. prasad0

    KA bjp election management

    Jds 30 seats min and play king maker
  6. prasad0

    KA bjp election management

    Rr Nagar lo it was easy victory to munirathanam Naidu so they did that
  7. prasad0

    KA bjp election management

    That's the truth apart from few strong holds like Basavanagudi, there is a close fight BTW congress nd bjp
  8. prasad0

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Till Bangarupalem it's fast a tharuvatha phase de mana vallu sub contract teskunaru they don't have the equipment nor experience so slow or ultra slow. From border to bangarupalem dilip constructions vallu teskunaru he is telling will try nd finish by August so that he will get 20% more than the actual amount
  9. prasad0

    Chittoor - Nayudupeta Six lane highway

    Not cement but white topping, no toll so white topping means less maintenance nd more durability
  10. prasad0

    KA bjp election management

    Word of mouth in the ground level is still supporting congress. Just in social media bjp is doing well. Let's see how it goes
  11. Manam chappana avasaram ledu esari ma vallu antha against bjp unnaru but votes should not get split BTW jds nd congress Jds is spending really well to win at any cost in padmanbabnagar nd has a very good chance if the same flow exists till election date
  12. prasad0

    Karnataka survey by RSS

    Congress victory but 50% mark cross avthada Anni chudali Ppl hate Siddu as cm but also they will come victorious ante bjp ki Yentha hatred undo chudandi
  13. Ashok is a close associate of our we directly walk into his house antha close. But this time ap ppl andaru full against ga unnadru so kastha kastham. 2 days back wen we meet him he was very upset nd told Nenu miku Yentha chasina Meeru naku against ga vellaru kada Anni BTW it's a thought fight with a edge towards bjp
  14. Niku Nenu yemi chapano artham Anna iyyanda?? Congress ki veyaru jds ki vestharu Anni chappa because jds guy is a teluguite Anni Memu antha pro bjp till last time but supporting jds this time