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  1. uncle at Wat rate have they increased from the past govt??
  2. Uncle how many all together new road were laid or started under the bjp rule like from scratch, not an extension to wat the upa had started. Like most of the bridge ND stuff opened in initial years by modi were started under the congress rule but completed ND opened in the last term. I have this doubt because there has been nothing new opened like that after the initial few years
  3. I was of the opinion of lets have a healthy discussion on the claim made by Bjp one topic per day ; Todays topic is :: Did the BJP expand the national highway network? BJP claims they expanded @ a faster rate than UPA nd at a lesser cost . If you say yes how fast did they construct and how differently they did , any claim for or against if put with facts would be really appreciated . Have fun and know the truth
  4. Mana vallu chasaru chittoor zp chairman Chandra Prakash nd ikkada blore lo builder's joint ga doing
  5. Till Bangarupalem it's fast a tharuvatha phase de mana vallu sub contract teskunaru they don't have the equipment nor experience so slow or ultra slow. From border to bangarupalem dilip constructions vallu teskunaru he is telling will try nd finish by August so that he will get 20% more than the actual amount
  6. Not cement but white topping, no toll so white topping means less maintenance nd more durability