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  1. Same sodhi tape vestav what’s the use? Reorg demands money flow was slow, I agreed and mentioned it’s a mistake from their side but at the same time cbn also did mistakes as well, ur ego wont accept, antha pakkolle chesaru anipisthundhi, it’s called Dhandu Syndrome😉 Infra;
  2. Combination of Economic slowdown and shift to BS VI norms Implementation led to this situation manam em septham, oka 100 member advisory team untadhi vallaki and they have regular meetings with Nirmalamma
  3. Weather valla anukunta and runway might not be ready, 2020 continues
  4. Meeru personal attacks chesinantha matrana my opinion won’t change, u see only Andhra interest and I see both Andhra and Nation interest. Your view of national interest is through AP eyes, I can separate that so don’t worry about my soul lol I already agreed MoSha did blunders with regards to reorg, initially due to financial shortage and later half due to trust factor, but central schemes they did justice. Mee blunders meeku kanapadav, ego kill chesukoni kcr ni capital ki pilichi venaka pettali anukunnaru vadu vadiki thelisina vidhyatho governor tho kalisi meeku pettadu, the relationship detoriarated after vote4note and you have yourself to blame for that. AP was growing at 10+ growth but nakesindhi ani projected, capital is a long term 15-20 yrs project ani janalani convince cheyakunda singapore dreams chupinchadu, poni teaser laga oka cyber tower padina oka idhi which was discovered in 2017-18 in DB, but u were busy with Raul baba and Jdidi saluva kappe events, Raul ki saluva kappina mee soul intact but vere valla soul matuku🤗
  5. No I am not saying that, BJP does politics+development and Cong does politics+appeasement only
  6. Onion spiked for couple of months and it was brought down immediately with imports economy slowed down in 2019 agreed but Covid will aggravate as happened globally but at the end of the day this govt can control inflation in a year and has still 3-4 years for economy and if they can pull it back then it will be additional bonus
  7. Naku doubte, TDP vachaka malli Amaravathi ki shift chesukotame, but I doubt jaggad will leave that scope, ego guy farmers ki edho package set chesi, lands antha Sc/st and convert batch ki plots esi ichesthadu emo.
  8. Obviously Jagan strongly wants it, he can go to any extent to do it to limit CBN image, so why would Centre confront and make it a mess where it doesn’t have any stakes as of now? or proper stand if jagan escalates it as it’s a state subject. Ika mana background enti, black Modi go back banners and Amit shah throwing stones, blocking roads. Ivi chusi vallu out of the way velli help seseyali ani expectation
  9. Agree. Reg. 3 capitals issue I don’t think technically court will give favourable decision to us but process followed can be questioned. CRDA Bill has some potential, hope it doesn’t dragon for years next elections jaggad will go to Seema/UA and say if TDP comes they will takeout your capital, what will be our counter chudali
  10. Please correct we laughed at Rahul going to temples😆 malli marchipoyinattu unnadu gurthucheyi velthademo
  11. Pidi pichi fruits same Iies and narrative enni sarlu peddle chestharu what is the use? there are buffer zones at LAC where both countries claim as their areas so there is a buffer zone, since there is no clear demarcation (thanks to cong). China transgressed in those areas and were asked to move back, some they did and some they said they will do but not completely did.
  12. Lekapothe dhandu batch hadavidi chusi mla’s chetha resign chepisthadu anukunnava 🙄
  13. After elections emanna visit chesada uncle temples 😆 and why did cong buy BSP MLA’s in Rajasthan? ProsT... or edho hashtag vesthav adha🤗