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  2. http://www.gulte.com/news/68690/RG-Flash-Survey-TDP-To-Win-More-Than-110 Andhra Octopus, political expert and former Congress MP Lagadapati Raja Gopal is one astute analyst who gets his survey results right. Hence, there is a lot of anticipation and demand for Lagadapati's survey. Amidst this, the results of Lagadapati & team's RG Flash Survey have come out. And this is now became talking point in political circuits. As per the reports, RG Flash Survey predicted a clear victory for the ruling TDP in 2019 as well. It stated that TDP would get at least 110 seats out of the 175 Assembly constituencies. It said TDP would easily win the election even if the general elections are held today. The RG Flash Survey further noted that YCP may get 60 seats while others may settle with 5 seats. This is not all. And the 60 seats to YCP is also not that easy. According to the survey, there is a neck-and-neck between YCP and TDP in 20 seats and these 20 have been included in YCP's count which took its tally to 60. So, as per the survey, YCP is comfortable to win in 40 seats and the remaining 20 depends on other factors, situations depending on the election time. Overall, these results have come as a shocker to YCP and much to the delight of the TDP. Meanwhile, it's reliably learnt that Congress, BJP, Communist parties CPI, CPM and Pawan's Janasena together are termed as Others who would be settled at single-digit 5. Earlier the RG's Flash Survey got it very right in Nandyal by-poll as well. As it correctly predicted, TDP has got 56 percent votes in Nandyal and emerged as the winner in the by-election. As per the fresh survey result, TDP is likely to gain 8 Assembly seats more than it had won in 2014. And YCP is losing 7 seats to the TDP. RG's flash survey has also indicated that Muslims and Christians are sailing with the TDP this time around. What Worked For TDP? The survey has done an extensive research to find the mood and tone of the people of AP. It's learnt that people of AP is of the opinion is that TDP alone is raising its pitch strongly against BJP that is doing gross injustice to AP. TDP's step-by-step fight against BJP by pulling out its cabinet ministers from government and then finally quitting NDA and subsequently moving the No-Confidence Motion twice said to have made an indelible mark among the people. TDP seems to be successful in positioning BJP as the true villain of AP and thus it is expected to gain huge in 2019 general polls.