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***Monsoon Updates***


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Hyderabad is worse than Vijayawada. How andi how?

Correctena veedi data?



Better CBN concentrate on temperatures ela decrease cheyalo.


Deni meda 100's of crores kuda akarledu


Gift a tree to each house and roof tops meda kuda plantations chesi correct ga maintain chesthe chalu we can decrease temperatures.


Inka Amaravati ki main ga motham greenery ready cheyali with fountains, green landscapes,.. correct ga maintain chesthe we can reduce temperatures

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Latest update on summer Cyclone


Things are panning out as executed a way back...let's come to 1st pre-monsoon summer cyclone, which taking off by Mid-May and 3-4 days earlier what said before. This 1st BOB summer cyclone will be turning a monster (minimum cat.3 or above) under favourable MJO, dead-neutral IOD & decaying Elnino conditions. Regarding track, as it looks like now moving towards Orissa but most of the weathermen are pretty sure it won't move beyond AP latitude if MJO stick to phases 2&3 during peak time (mostly going to happen) with Nino 3.4 SSTA falling below +0.5 range by that time (mostly going to happen). Overall there is pretty decent chance for NTN/SAP-CAP to witness strong rains and winds from this 1st summer BOB low-latitude moving cyclone that going to happen after 2010-Laila. This cyclone in the mean time triggering SWM onset over Andaman Islands and trigger powerful Somali current over Arabian Sea....regarding 2nd system around May 4th week, which may also turn minimum DD or tropical storm will have perfect SWM features and going to be genesis around East-central & adjoining NE-BOB along SWM axis, which will move along SWM axis towards Bangla/WB/Orissa belt. Overall it looks Indian sub-continent going to witness high amplitude SWM onset current in recent past.

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avuna yekkada bayya?

ninna yelage annaru

secunderabad daggara vunna 8time lo akkada road kuda tadichinatlu ledu

emo uncle nenu radar ni chusi update chestunnanu


Rainfall in past 1 hour


manneguda - 45 mm

uppal NSL - 19 mm

Medchal - 6 mm

Sankarpalle - 5 mm

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annay aa paina pic nunchi aa conclusion ki vachara? If so how to see it....

pakkana index vundi gaa max areas green colour lo vunnai ante birmal kaana ekkuva rain chances ani


Aa colour ni patti entha mm ekkuva pade chance vundo ardam avutundi


Telangana and westrenghats lo normal kanna 150mm ekkuvaga pade chance vundi

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Rainfall in past 1 hour


Kalwacharla karimnagar - 21 mm

Huzurabad karimnagar - 10 mm

Yelgodu karimnagar - 10 mm

Bhichkonda Nizamabad - 10 mm



em rains oo ento gani unna crops ni kuda damage chestunayi 1hr rains complete season gone for telangna

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