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taRAK afrESH

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em played well uncle.... defence chala vulnarable ga undi... right side run galiki odilestunnadu... Muller very dangerous ga adutunnadu gallery_12949_2_794383.gif

maku klose ettaduga header ni vadilesadu muller nunchi

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messi one on one shud have been better - also one assist missed schwansteiger intercept chesindi

adi pass ichi unte inkem anna unda uncle.. best chances ma olle create chesaru 1st half lo... but no possession gallery_12949_2_794383.gif

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anyway neelesh annayi 1-1 avalsina match 0-0 ki undi ippudu ante... no change le gallery_12949_2_794383.gif

ya...baga close gane vundi.....ilantivi predict cheyalemu...elaga aina vellocchu...TONY KROOS di best example.....adhi pressure ani kadhu kaani a backpass sarigga choosukoledu...so alantivi emanna mistakes aithe any team can win

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