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NTR..Political Entry..It's Magnitude- A Benchmark


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TG region variki aithe guarantee ga T sentiment will override every other aspect incl dismal performance of UPA and rise of Modi.


kachitanga, BJP vaipu KCR velladu..its a credibility issue. and if i'm not wrong, congress tho ally kakunda kuda undaledu.. (if 'merger' is not an option before him). congress and TRS alliance will come to power in 2014.


BJP rise is good for India..ala namme valalo nenu okkadini. modi PM aithe chudalani undhi...and i guess he is finding favour across India (aithe TG lo aa vibes relatively thakkuva..one reason why congress pushed the TG process close to elections is to ensure it stays fresh in people minds).


TG vishayam lo theda vache avakasam is close to zero brother. congress is very well aware about its situation across the country and just cant let go of this excellent opportunity to get the 14-15 seats in TG.


samaikyandhra is a closed chapter..congress motham process ni reverse chesi SA lo adhe paniga votlu adigina..oka 3-4 seats kuda ravu. congress ee vishayani chala baga artham chesukundhi bro. there is no looking back. T with 10 districts is final.

United Andhra Pradesh (UAP) lone elections jarugutaayi.. hope people will kick congress out of Andhra Pradesh... :dream:

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