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  1. Mee imagination ki hats off. Maree intha negative gaa elaa think chesthaaru . UPI, rupay success ayyindhi. UPI ni nri remittances ki expand chesthaaru.
  2. 5 years complete avvakundaa election ki velithe money waste avuthaadhi. Politics is dirty game. Buradhalo cleanliness vethakakoodadhu.
  3. raajyam veera bojyam annaaru. all parties try to gain power in any manner. maharashtra power game ayyipoledhu. eknadh shinde ni cm gaa chesi shivsena, ncp, congress coalition government continue avvavachu.
  4. anni kalisi vasthe debt is nothing lekapothe companies nclt ki velathaayi. commodities like coal, iron , cement rates fluctuates avuthaayi. infra like roads, power plants lo lanco, gvk, ivrcl bankrupt ayyaayi. modi another two terms pm gaa vunte adani ki favorable decisions vachi baagaa grow avuthaadu. loans koodaa easy gaa vasthaayi. modi odipothe adani meedha entho kontha impact vuntaadhi. adani companies ki vache income > debt repayment installments vunnantha varaku safe. wind, solar , power plants ki ap bills pay cheyyaledhu. aa plants investors regular gaa bank loans
  5. He is far better than Telugu bjp leaders . He try to prove with some data.
  6. Ee scheme ki center contribution entha . tg lo state government mission bhageeratha scheme lo ekkuva spend chesindhi.
  7. doctors, hospitals are not happy with prices offered for surgeries by government .
  8. karnataka will release 5 lakh cusecs ffrom almatti dam. srisailam going to get filled within two days. ap needs to release water from srisailam to nagarjuna sagar as precautionary measure
  9. https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/karnataka/upper-krishna-project-stage-iii-gets-green-signal/article26432965.ece https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/telangana/karnataka-set-to-choke-krishna-flows-into-ts-ap/article26562006.ece
  10. currently krmb not considering water coming from godavari . we have to wait for kwdt verdict in this matter.
  11. another argument tg making is krishna and godavari water allocation should be proportional to catchment area . they are arguing that andhra has less catchment area but it is utilzing more water.
  12. article 3 talks about parliament rights about changing boundaries of states or forming new states or merging states. kcr want water reallocation among karnataka, maharashtra, ap , telangana. modi didn't agree for that proposal .telangana filed petition in supreme court. maharashtra and karnataka opposed petition. supreme court strike down telangana petition by saying "if telangana divided into telanagana a and telangana b , will you ask again to redistribute among all states". kcr want water share from maharashtra and karnataka. unfortunately maharashtra letting krishna river water to a
  13. https://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Andhra-Pradesh/2018-12-15/Ramayapatnam-port-idea-attracting-investors/458982
  14. 150 km radius dooram lo vere airport vundakoodadani clause vuntaadhi . aa clause lekapothe private developer mundhuku raadu. pune lo kothagaa kadathaamantunnaaru . akkada koodaa vunna airport close chestaamantunnaaru. baagaa ekkuva traffic vunna chotla mathrame second airport viability vuntundhi . example delhi, mumbai bangalore (hal), hyderabad (begumpet) lo existing airport close cheyyalani clause pettaaru.
  15. https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Visakhapatnam/centre-allays-fears-over-closure-of-vizag-international-airport/article25786582.ece vizag airport runs even after operations at bhogapuram airport started. it possibly affects viability of bhogapuram airport. in hyderabad begumpet airport closed immediately after inauguration of shamshabad airport. in vizag center want to create hurdles to bhogapuram airport indirectly.
  16. https://www.telugu360.com/te/pawan-kalyan-cheap-language-on-opposition-leaders/
  17. avunu. dredging complete avvaledhu . jaruguthunnaayi. manam central government ekkuva expect cheyyalemu.
  18. currently dredging going on for vijayawada muktyala routewhich is urgent for amaravathi capital. vijayawada muktyala route doesn't require any land acquisition.
  19. pesarattu famous in godavari districts. maa intlo vandinapppudu 10 tintaa
  20. https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/300918/karnataka-opposes-telangana-plans-on-krishna-river.html
  21. they will check no of travellers from given origin(or near by) to destination(or near by) by train in ac (1st ac, 2nd ac, 3rd ac) compartment daily rajahmundry(or near by) to bangalore ( or near by) rajahmundry to hyderabad rajahmundry to chennai
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