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  1. 2 hours ago, Rajakeeyam said:

    People always want hope, if not for proper vaccine rollout adhi 100L ayyedhi ani valla feeling.

    vaccine price discussion tho vaccine orders delay chesaaru. otherwise second wave vache lopu chaalaa mandhiki vaccine veyinchukunevaaru,  lives save ayyevi, hospitalizations thaggevi. vaccination complete ayyevaraku elections post pone chesthe 2nd wave impact thaggedhi.

  2. 2 hours ago, sskmaestro said:

    How many thousands of crores are wasted for this train model ?


    just adding few more Garibraths would have addressed the requirement right ? 


    we need semi high speed trains alias vande bharat trains which runs at speed of 160 - 200 kmph.  india needs to build dedicated freight corridors for goods trains and upgrade existing railway tracks to utilize vande bharat trains.

    bullet train between mumbai ahmedabad is true wastage. india shouldn't emulate china model blindly. it should look for cost effective solutions. 

  3. 12 minutes ago, ramntr said:

    Adi OK, but time reduced due to this is not on par, ade rodd... Employee train sec lo ekkithe morning 5:30 ki 9:30 kalla guntur lo landing janalu, deeni valla advantage enti Ani.... 

    present advantage emi ledhu.

    you can ride bike 100 kmph in highway but you cannot ride bike at same speed in village , city roads. similarly train speed depends upon railway track speed. if the track has sharp turns train cannot move fast. if the track is straight or has less degree curves then train can move fast .

    railway removed sharp turns in tracks and started speed trails between vizag and vijayawada at 130 kmph using lhb coaches. if it successful then average speed of train will get doubled. 




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