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  1. AVINASH IRAGAVARAPU................ connect the dots.....
  2. ED raids on BYJU'S. Maa anna tho pettukunte maamulga undadu.
  3. They are mild steel pipes not cement pipes?
  4. Concrete pour is on or stopped at 8 AM.?
  5. Velagapudi secretariat lo koddiga jagratha ga undamanandi varshalu vasthunnai. Yedainaa jarigithe chaana negative vasthadi.
  6. If one pond is not sufficient for u then u can find a farmer in u r panchayat limits and apply in his name. And then manage the field officer and get it dug in u r farm. This is possible since GEO TAGGING is not being done now.
  7. Under each name you can get only one pond irrespective of no. Of acres. Size is 50×50×7 feet. Work will be done by MNREGA groups.this u will have to apply through velugu office in u r mandal. E passbook and aadhar card only required. If u require bigger size u will have to apply thro HORTICULTURAL DEPT. U can have pond sizes from 1 acre and above. Approx cost for 1 acre size pond with sheets is 25L. This u have to do it u r self and GOVT will reimburse in stages. Normally the reimbursement will be about 85% only. Another method is community farm pond.u will have to form a group of 5 farmers with a total collective farm holding of 25 acres .
  8. The ponds will be dug by the govt. Zero cost to the beneficiary. Pond size will be 50×50×7 feet.
  9. I applied for2 farm ponds to be dug in my farm. It was sanctioned last week.
  10. This project is targeted to complete by may 2019. Is it really possible? This project will stabilise NS RMC (downstream ) OR increase water availability?request DB irrigation experts opinion.
  11. I got 2 ponds sanctioned last week for my farm.
  12. Heavy rains in krishna and bhima catchment area (MH)
  13. Anybody have info on total concrete poured in July pls post.
  14. After a dull week little bit of rain in krishna catchment. Otherwise nothing much.
  15. Almatti inflow 141000 cusecs TG 79000 CUSECS.
  16. "CARNAGE" in krishna basin and bhima basin continues .
  17. Highest rainfall of the season recorded in krishna catchment also . Hopefully water will be released from almatti this week.
  18. Last two days heavy rainfall in krishna and bhima catchment in MH.
  19. If u follow prakasam barrage inflow and outflow to canals it is hovering around 2000 cusecs. That's why my doubt Anyway thanks guys.
  20. Why flow is still around 2000 cusecs? When 8400 cusecs flow will be achieved? Any issues there?
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