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  1. 46 minutes ago, BalayyaTarak said:

    bochadu mandi kinda meda padi dabbulaki veyinchukuntunnaru , I dont think modi can take that decision malli fail aithe inka ekkuva bad avtham ani asalu aa topic touch and ho laga set chesthadu


  2. 4 minutes ago, fan no 1 said:

    Pressure from all sides, vaccines free for all antademo.

    Exactly thinking of the same, country is in dire situation and people are suffering, I remembered this scene from Leader movie.


  3. England ki WTC kosam velli kuda chala mandi telugu vallaki help chesthunadu

    Ippudu spaces live lo undi oka unmadi pakkinti ammayi ni gonthu kosi pranapaaya sthithi lo untey matladi surgery ki kavalsina 5 lakhs 24 hrs lo transfer chestha annadu

    Media particularly Telugu media konchem gurtimpu ichi interview chesthey aayaniki mantha help avutundi

    U people also pls help


  4. Anandayya gari permission lekunda Ministers, Collector tho meet ayyi vachi, aah mandu ammataniki oka website create chesi,  daniki YCP rangulu vesi, CM, Ministers photos petti, idhi Jagan vijayam ani oka header tho public domain loki techadu, Anandayya garini entha torture pettina free ga istanu ani kattubadina daniki villu price pettaru, ippudu vachi endi ee panchayathi, idiot, don't make it political ani Pattabhi, Somireddy meeda boothulu tiduthunadu

    Intha chesi malli live ki vachi addam ga vadisthunadu 🙏


  5. 5 hours ago, V Jagadeesh said:

    1200 is dead cheap, do u know how much a daily wage labor is earning per day?  Mirapa kayala Kuli — 20 times per kg and couple are making  3 to 4 k per day .,, only farmers ki problem , no problem for labor.,  so need not worry much .,, 

    Chala easy ga antunaruga.

  6. 3 hours ago, Venkatpaladugu said:

    This is really good move ..as we knew that many kids lost their parents due to corona..even many IT employees also lost their lives and literally they were on road ..by spending all their hard earning money for corona treatment.


    Sincere request to govt of India.. politics aside and this kind of assistance should be reached each every kids who were lost their parents.


    Just now I read in Eenadu..govt planned for kids future as well.

    Really good move! How?

    When they are not putting out real numbers, In how logical sense we know that all the children who lost their parents actually are in govt. numbers?

  7. 5 minutes ago, Manoj_Jashti said:

    Inka manchiga teyachu anipinchindi.. ahould have revealed that they both are of different time line in the last

    Thalli koduku relationship kada, they can't do it.

  8. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/05/25/world/asia/india-covid-death-estimates.html

    Source: The New York Times.


                                                                                             How we estimated death rates

    Many of the infection fatality rate estimates that have been published were calculated before the most recent wave in India, so it could be that the overall I.F.R. is actually higher after accounting for the most recent wave. The rate also varies greatly by age: Typically, the measure rises for older populations. India’s population skews young — its median age is around 29 — which could mean I.F.R. is lower there than in countries with larger older populations.

    There is also extreme variability within the country in terms of both infection fatality rate and seroprevalence. In addition to the three national serosurveys, there have been more than 60 serosurveys done at the local and regional level, according to SeroTracker, a website that compiles serosurvey data from around the world.

    In a paper examining infection rates using serosurvey data from three locations in India, Dr. Paul Novosad, an associate professor of economics at Dartmouth College, found huge variability depending on the population being sampled. “We found that age-specific I.F.R. among returning lockdown migrants was much higher than in richer countries,” he said. “In contrast, we found a much lower first-wave I.F.R. than richer countries in the Southern states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.”

    In a country as large as India, even a small fluctuation in infection fatality rates could mean a difference of hundreds of thousands of deaths, as seen in the estimates above.

    While estimates can vary over time and from region to region, one thing is clear beyond all doubt: The pandemic in India is much larger than the official figures suggest.

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