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  1. 2200 acres already in govt hand for bhogapuram airport, super. Idi before 19 elections complete avtundi pakka
  2. Adi statement English dailies every month padevi, chusi titukunevani.adiki pagaltam kayam ani telsu.good it happened in quick time bro.happy.BTW I m not raaz.dp same
  3. airvtravels association president Jaffa okadu 15 days ki okasari media mundukochi not viable ee airport, scrap the idea anevadu.mamolu edupu kadule jaffa Ee night nidra podemo kikiki
  4. Srisailam lo water level 3 months maintain cheste kani habdiniva ki water rava? Potireddipadu works based on water level anta kada. Telangana ki kuda srisailam water konta potunte ika water level 3 months maintain kastam kada
  5. Seema ki enni tmc istaru, 4 districts ki water connectivity vunda.
  6. OK got it bro, but krishna share why preference given to Krishna Delta, why can't to seema. Was there any plan to share between seema n krishna Delta
  7. Srisailam fill aithey seema ki water istunnan fine then what is the role of pattiseema in giving water to seema? Can some one tell me plz. I am new to this irrigation information
  8. Remaining works should be completed asap deploying high work force and machinery. Is under tunnel work tough to complete in 2 or 3 days?
  9. Forest penchatam adi jarige pani kadu le bro
  10. U troll when kcr team cuts few trees in university. what CBN is doing? IT can be developed in Vizag with its available infrastructure. 33350 acres greenary gonna be doomed
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