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  1. waiting for harry potter movie eagerly to watch last part .......

  2. rise of the planet in apes is comming on august .... soo far the movie is releasing new part

  3. every on eat pop corn powder today bcause today is pop corn's birthday = pop in corn day

  4. abboo google plus ooo hype chasadu kanni anta cinema ladu daniki ... fb is excelent kakapote koncham animations ichadu

  5. circles,hangouts,instant upload,sparks,huddle.. soo amazing nd nice google+

  6. Mid nite ride on bikes with frnds now on the way 2 elluru on cbr nd r15... Nite life is versace

  7. harry potter showing on london live streaming updates are available on june 7

  8. once visit my profile nd see the banner of my pf and give comments ..

  9. At 2 yrs "Mummy i love you". 12 yrs "Mum whatever ". 16yrs" My mum is so annoying". 18 yrs" I want to leave this house". 25 yrs" Mum you were right". 30 yrs" I want to go to my mum's house". 50yrs" I don't want to lose my mum". 70yrs "I would give up EVERYTHING for my mum to be here with me". A mother is irreplaceable...post this on your wall if you appreciate & Love your mom.

    1. John


      Devata ela untundo teleedu..Maa Ammanu chooste naaku devata laane untundi

  10. The team with out equal. The momentous 19 . A season for making history MANCHESTER UNITED

    1. James Bond

      James Bond

      the RED DEVILS rock!!!!

  11. كارثيك my name in arabic. karthik

  12. watching fast nd furious (prodigy drift)

  13. Bus-sized asteroid to pass close to Earth today http://bit.ly/mjzAOU

  14. Google starts google+ social networking site for beating fb but they stop invitations for 48 hours i think google beat fb ..

  15. Naku talisindi alla one day nina gurinchy bada ladu rapati gurinchy bayam ladu wow ..waiting for 180

  16. Naku talisindi alla one day . Nina gurinchy alochana ladu. rapati gurinchy bada ladu. Waiting for 180 movie...

  17. Mothers day movie bagundi watch every one horror movie

  18. Advance happy birthday 2 my best friend prudhvi..

  19. Happy fathers day... Love u dady..

  20. Spiel berg is back with jurasic park 4 decusions are running ... Cheers to berg ...

  21. Waiting for 180 just watched trailor bagundi..

  22. Caramel popcorn ummmm.......

  23. Carrier.. Optima plus d equr........................

  24. Listening akon sexy bitch.

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