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  1. Ada enna ne theriyala.. Intha dhanush padangalellam vara vara xxxxxx mokkayave irukku...

  2. Dhammu audio rocks all the way... Antoher Mass Masals chart buster album from M.M.Keeravani... Hats off to you sir!!!!

  3. Thanks for all who viewed my song in youtube. 1100 views crossed for both files togetherhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkQ75jpbDcshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq9Q-FnWoLw

  4. Hrudhaya purvaka Makarasankranthi subakankshalu; Iniya pongal nalvazthukkal

  5. Cowan should have been in pavilion by now. Half hearted appeal from India makes them lose the chance of getting his wicket when the ball from Sharma touched his gloves and landed in Dhoni's gloves. Even Indian team became worst in appealing too!!!

  6. Whats going to be first??? Sachin's 100 or petrol price in india's 100??

  7. Wishing a happy and marvellous 2012 ahead!!

  8. Send New year Gifts to India www.tagursmile.com

  9. My Nano's mileage in my long trip of 700 km.... 1st 262 km - 28.6kmpl... next 201 km - 24.8kmpl.... next 237 km 25.4 kmpl.... I feel its really worth for its price!!!

  10. Completed 700km round trip in my nano for 2nd time... Gave awsome mileage of 26kmpl overall...

  11. My nano gave awsome mileage of 28.5kmpl... Consumed only 9.1lit petrol for 262km... Fully on bangalore-chennai highway

  12. Gonna ride my Nano to my native from Bangalore for 2nd time!!!!

  13. How Amway guys do Brainwashing and make us spend more than what we do!!!................................I am doing a business part time and looking for partners. It will give lot of additional earnings and its legal. Its well proved one in 90 countries for more than 53 years. Let me tell you how this works...Income is of two types, active and passive. For active earning you need to put all efforts to make money. But in passive earning, you put less effort and get more money. If u can spen...

  14. నా ప్రేమ 5 ( కొనసాగింపు )01 Jul కాలం మెల్లగా గడిచే నా ప్రియ దర్శనం నాకు కరువాయే మా తపన ఎక్కువాయెకలిసే అద్రుష్టం కనుమరుగాయె ఎలా ఉందో నా చెలిఆవేదనే తన లోగిలిఏనాడు ఇస్తాను నా కౌగిలినన్ను కదిపెస్తుంది చల్లటి చిరుగాలి నెలలు గడిచేఏడాది సాగేమది బరువాయెఆవేదన పెరిగిపోయే ఒక వనిత నాకు పరిచయమాయేతన స్నేహం తో నాకు దగ్గారాయేనా గుండె నాబరాయేనా చెలి తలపు సుస్తిరమాయే స్నేహితురాలి ఓదార్పు నాకు వరమాయేతన మదిలో నా ఫై ప్రేమ అధికమాయేతన సొంతం చేసుకోవాలన్న ఆలోచన మొదలాయేనా మది తనకు దగ్గారాయే...

  15. I am relieved that Sachin is not playing ODIs vs WI. Or else the weeping would have continued till he gets a century and even if India wins, it wont be celebrated.

  16. Mayakkam enna... Worst ever movie in tamil cinema. I doubt whether Selva is mentally alright. Looks he became xxxxxx.

  17. The crowd turned into Wankhede today to watch a century from Sachin, instead they got it from Ashwin. Sachin still waits for his milestone, Ashwin saves India from conceding a big lead to WI. Applause to Ashwin.

  18. The wait for Sachin fans continues still... Till his personal landmark gets completed, Sad days for Indian cricket continues... All other achievements are put behind non-achievement of Sachin's personal landmark

    1. OnlyNfan


      mee edupu meeda ga loll


  19. Vazhkaila 99 century adicha sachinukku intha 1 century padatha paadu paduththuthe pa....

  20. Thanks a lot for showering wishes on my B'day....

  21. Another Top Class innings from Laxman,Viru to make India win. If you go for personal records ahead of Team's win you cant get it easily... Lesson for Sachin for prioritising 100th ton than India's win!!!

    1. OnlyNfan


      loll sachin score team runs ki add cheyaleda enti

    2. vizag ntr

      vizag ntr

      sodi aapara babu.tendulkar out ai vunte india dhenguku poyedhi match

    3. knaga18


      gud...dravid, ashwin, ojha perform cheyyakundaa ney gelicahara??


  22. Velayudham.... remake of nagarjun movie aazad released 12yrs back directed by late tirupathiswamy... one more remake from vijay... thirunthunga boss...

    1. OnlyNfan


      t krishna kada D'r ayana peru tirupathiswamy aa

  23. Customising my Nano LX...

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