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  1. Back to Aggressive Mode...
  2. 10th vachena salaries pay cheyanee Gr8 Jagananna..!
  3. What a twist by RBI ..! Appuchesena 2 K kooda payeee...Now how he will pay salaries... కాసుల వేటలో ‘ఓడి’పాయె! అన్నపూర్ణ మ్యారేజెస్ - అన్ని కులాల వారికి పెళ్లి సంబంధాలు చూడబడునుప్రవేశం ఉచితంPH: 9397979740/50 రాష్ట్రం చేతికి చిక్కని రూ.3,470 కోట్లు ఓవర్‌డ్రాఫ్ట్‌లోకి జమ చేసుకున్న ఆర్బీఐ అధిక వడ్డీతో తెచ్చిన అప్పు రూ.2 వేల కోట్లు రెవెన్యూ లోటు మొత్తం రూ.1,470 కోట్లు జీతాలు, అవసరాలు గడుస్తాయని ఆశ పైసా ఇవ్వకుండా నీళ్లు చల్లిన రిజర్వు బ్యాంకు ఇంకా రూ.800 కోట్ల ఓవర్‌డ్రాఫ్ట్‌లో
  4. In this he is not paying anything. In reverse he is collecting for public. 1.5 L is from center is from center scheme. He is just branding his name. He is telling we will take back, plots if you are constructing..! So most of the people will start construction..! He will provide Bharathi cement and sand, as part of this 1.5L So directly he is transferring center funds to his personal account..
  5. What is cooking..? BJP adhikara prathenedhee meeting RRR..!
  6. Looks as per him, Jaffa cheated all his MLAs/MPs..!
  7. So Sad. Loosing both sons, just in span of 4 month..! RIP
  8. What they completed today is upper coper dam. Which will be useful only for diversion of river. You can't store good amount of water with copper dam. ECRF dam will take at least another 1 year. For rehabilitation they are spending good amount.. May be they store very basic, and tell we completed Polavaram..!
  9. Super .. Eppudu chodalee....Jaffa gadu CID nee malli Delhi pamputhademooo..!
  10. There is no way reds and Xians will vote other then YCP. It is YCP strong hold. Capital patina chota vodipoyamu antee you can think how YCP using them. If TDP is planning any it should plan by not considering Them..!
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