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  1. CBN sir take rest and take care of ur health. If you are destined to become CM of AP again, its a gift...if not, nothing to loose...no need for you to prove anyone...DOWN THE HISTORY LANE, YOU WILL BE REGARDED AS ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR CM AP EVER HAD....Let karma take its own course of action. Just take of party cadre and people. Lokesh has to step up more aggressively now and prove himself. He cannot assume now that he is the next big thing for TDP after CBN!
  2. Sathkarinchi money and gold chain venakki ichesthe baagundedhi...
  3. Buddodu at this age ditto ilaage untaademo...
  4. Wazzup Nigga....!

  5. Wazzup Nigga....!

  6. Confusion lo unnappude salahalu adugutharu.....Clarity unnappude salahalu istharu....!

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