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Runamafi excluded and still 16K- STOP the lies jaffas

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arey jaffas state meda me daridram ruddakandi ra......


AP is govt demanding committee with YV REDDY garu or AUDIT GENERAL or someone independent to check if AP state numbers are wrong on deficit. What else state govt can ask?

State has deferred lot of payments to next year and they are not shown.....Finally still excluding deficit is 16,000 crores....


Entha sorry situation ante AP di, just polavaram meda center delays(they have 3 committees and we welcome but they are delaying release of funds even after reports)  valla 300+ crore interest state loose avutundi....


Kutumbarao garu, a IPC-354 cheap sintakayala tho me lanti highly educated timewaste sir.....Feel sorry for your patience Today.........YES do it with JP or at least some trusty person or answer to Public point by point but not these barking fellows to get limelight at their party high commend(he is just like those sonia gulamgiri batch separation time)...


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