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About NTR--- from fb

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About Tollywood Hero Jr.Ntr:


'Jr.Ntr,one of the leading hero in south india.i have gathered and observed many things about Jr.Ntr.so,i want to tell you few words about him.


According to my observation Jr.Ntr is the only hero of tollywood who reaches highest craze in very short time.


I heard that in tollywood top 3 hero's are Mahesh babu,Jr.Ntr and pawan kalyan.i also heard that no one is no:1


I observed that there is big competition between Jr.Ntr,mahesh babu and pawan kalyan.Mahesh babu needed 20yrs


to get high craze and pawan kalyan needed 20yrs to get high craze,but jr.ntr got same craze in just 10 yrs.


some people will tell that jr.ntr got craze b'coz he grandson of legendry actor Sr.Ntr.even kalyan ram and


tarak ratna are his grandson's how can only jr.ntr got that high craze comparing to them,even mahesh babu is


son of old actor krishna and pawan kalyan is brother of chiranjeevi.coming to collections





According to collections jr.ntr is a step down when comparing to mahesh and pawan kalyan,in which pawan kalyan


recent hit collected 60cr share(gabbarsingh),in which he did not get any hit for 11 yrs and mahesh recent hit's dookudu collected 56cr share and businessman collected


46cr share,jr.ntr films not even crossed 40cr share but many of producer's trust jr.ntr b'coz his movies will


give minimum collections without any loss.if pawan kalyan movie has flop talk there will be no collections


ex:teenmaar,puli and panja these three movies not even collected 20cr share at box office as well as mahesh


movies like khaleja,sainikudu,athidi not even crossed 20cr share but jr.ntr movies has minimum guarantee


collection although shakthi is a diaster film he got 22cr share collections and his recent movies which did


not reach hit talk osaravelli got 27cr share and dammu got 37cr share.By this we can understand that jr.ntr


movies will not get any loss,he may be not 40cr share hero but his he is minimum guarantee hero but mahesh


and pawan need hits to get collections.I hope jr.ntr next project 'Baadshah' will reach 45-50cr share.coming


to acting





we can give equal points to these 3 heros for their acting,but pawan kalyan and mahesh continues same roles


for their every movie so we cannot observe many changes,variations and different angles in their acting but jr.ntr differ's


every movie has his new angle,for the past 8 movies he did not repeat same role and he shows many variations


and changes of his acting in every film.by this we can conclude that jr.ntr a step ahead than other hero's and only hero who can do any type of role is jr.ntr


coming dance





Every one in india heard that jr.ntr is top dancer in south india.it's absolutely right.according to dance


mahesh and pawan are not competator's for jr.ntr but i heard that allu arjun one of tollywood hero is giving


nice competition to jr.ntr.i observed their both dances,both are doing gud but their are many changes in their


dancing way,in which allu arjun always does same type of steps,but his steps are looking gud.in which jr.ntr


shows different type's of dances in which he knows classical dance,break dance,some hip hop type steps.in which


allu arjun don't know classical dance.by this we can understand jr.ntr is better dancer than other's.coming


to dilogue delivery



Dilogue Delivery:


now a days tollywood director's are great dilogue's to their heros.mahesh babu in pokiri,dookudu and bm has


nice dilogue's even he deliver's it in nice way with great intense and sharpness is high in his dilogue's


but all his dilogue's are one liner.pawan kalyan is not as much as mahesh in dilogue delivery,but jr.ntr is


the only hero in south india who can deliver any kind of dilogue's for examples in yamadonga,i had never listen


such big dilogue in indian and foreign movie even there are some big dilogue's in old indian film but he


deliver's this dilogue in outstanding and not only in yamadonga,in many other movies like brindavanam,oosaravelli,


dammu etc.so,he is no:1 in dilogue delivery......................




NOTE: evarkaina idi nachakapote im sorry... naku baga nachindi


idi oka mumbai fan observation anta

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thank you frns.... naku kuda baga nachindi chala +ve ga undi anduke ikkada post chesa

ee matter manaki chala help ayyidi

neku thnks memu chepali for posting this matter..........thnks brother for posting :shakehands: :shakehands: :shakehands:

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